Happiness on social connections

HAPPINESS ON SOCIAL CONNECTIONS As you having lots of people in your life circles, seeing people regularly and being ‘ well connected’ to each other has many advantages in every perspectives of life. Don’t get me wrong as mentioned in my last sentence. Knowing how to chill and enjoyable in ‘ down time’ on your own, to reflect your personality, have privacy and relax is also essential have sometime matters — even superman had his fortress and power of solitude! But regular social contact has own good status for you and the more people you know, the happier you are likely to be. Sometime you feel happier when close to someone special. Those with a supportive as well as encouraging social circle, or even just one close friend, lover or partner to talk to and lean on in times of crisis, troubles, stressed time enjoy healthier, less stressful lives. And they have more fun! If you make the commitment to meet more people, and really develop the relationships you have, you’ll find that the payoff is more than worth the effort. Because it’s a good way to release your stress or pain if you have any, in just this way to share with your friends, family or closed person. Social Connections with IQ Level and Luck Having lots of friends and social connections is very good for your mental and physical health and for long stay in this world with good healthy mind. As one researcher survey report also, last seven to nine years in past very poor social connections in society or have not good social circles with their friends and others close one. Having lots of social connections can say also manifest as ‘ luck’. For example, most of the people get jobs through people they know, or a ‘ friend of a friend.’ Of course or on good reference bases, the more people as you know, the better connected you are and the more likelihood something ‘ lucky’ will happen in every aspect of life. We can say that luck about good friends so often a numbers game, sometime you get more as your expectations and sometime you lose in sense of innocent or bad side decision. As regarding social connection we have lot of examples, for example, there is even evidence proved that socializing can raise and boost up your intelligence level as your IQ. I am sure about that 100%, the socializing really can increase thinking ability and exercise the mind. So seeing more people can boost your mentally and physical health, offset and even prevent depression to few extent and possible extremely improve your intelligence level (IQ) and your LQ (luck quotient) into the positive sense and sometime in bad sense but it’s also depend on your company connections too. For example, “ one study of 972 Johns Hopkins medical students used results of personality tests to classify the students into one of five types. Thirty years later, when they checked health status, they found that students classified as ‘ loners’ had sixteen times more cancer than people who vented their emotions to friends. Study after study has shown that feeling connected with other people is extremely important for physical and mental health. Suicide, alcoholism and mental illness rates are much higher among people living alone. ” Social Connections as Mental and Physical Health As another researcher Oscar Ybarra and his colleagues at the University of Michigan explored the possibility that social interaction improves mental functioning. In a series of related studies, they tested the participants’ level of cognitive functioning, comparing it to the frequency of participants’ social interactions. They found that people who engaged in social interaction displayed higher levels of cognitive performance than the control group. Social interaction aided intellectual performance. “ Social interaction, ” the authors suggest, “ helps to exercise people’s minds. People reap cognitive benefits from socializing. ” They speculate that social interaction ‘ exercises’ cognitive processes that are measured on intellectual tasks. “ It is possible, ” the authors conclude, “ that as people engage socially and mentally with others, they receive relatively immediate cognitive boosts. ” But on other hands many other question raised up Why are close, loving connections so imperative to our health and happiness? Sometime our association with others create psychological legroom and safety so that we can walk around and learn from them. As when we undergo safe and supported, we don’t have to constricted in on endurance tasks like responding to hazard or finding our next something to eat. So, we are able to explore our world, which builds resources for times of anxiety and harsh conditions. Social Connections with Social Platform On more searched derived from a Psychologist James H. Fowler studied the data of 5, 000 people over 20 years and found that happiness benefits other people through three degrees of connection, and that the effects last for a year. He says: “ We found a statistical relationship not just between your happiness and your friends’ happiness, but between your happiness and your friends’ friends’ friends’ happiness. ” Sometime our informal links may also provide us strong benefits. ” The intimate ties give you a lot of emotional support,” Fingerman says, ” whereas your peripheral ties may help you with new information and diversions.” Fingerman cites research showing that many of us find new jobs through our weaker social ties. ” The people on the edge are the people who have access to information and to people that you do not know.” As meanwhile social networks can be broad, suppose that our nucleus sets of close relationships are very little in size. ” We found that the average American has just four close social contacts, with most having between two and six,” Christakis and Fowler say in their research. Now these days with help of many social networks and platforms are developing relationships has been made easier by the appearance of “ Facebook” and other commonly used social media sites. ” What social media does is that it brings us more into contact with weaker ties,” Fowler says. But as you know coin has two sides so that same here in these social networks relationships as ” You now have access to profiles of a large number of potential partners that you might be interested in,” Finkel says, ” and that’s a godsend.” But he feels online dating sites are misleading people when they say they’ve somehow ” cracked the code” and can use technology to provide users with perfect matches. Neither the profiles nor the matching technology have yet replaced the value of face-to-face meetings and social interaction, Finkel says. As according to other researcher , social networks can insulate or buffer people from negative events. ” Having people who you think will provide you with help when you need it helps protect you from the effects of stress on your health,” Cohen says. Even when the protection is perceived, such as believing someone would ” have your back” in a crisis, the benefit is real. Happiness is GOD Blessing In the end my own opinion you got little happiness with your social circles, your lucky person in this world. Because as you know everyone has lot of stressed and situation regarding living problems, expenditures and lack of good relationship. But always remember my one think you should be much picky to choose your company or friends chain, because good friends are blessing of GOD and bad friends are ruined in your own life till your last breath. Be careful and be happiness stay live long life experience.