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Drug abuse in America Insert Insert Majority of the American use legal drugs for various reasons such as fun, for weight loss purposes, fit in a certain group in the society and for experimental reasons. Moreover, it is easier for Americans to access legal drugs like cigarettes, prescription drugs and alcohol. For example, prescription drugs are obtainable from relatives while other drugs such as alcohol and smoking are easily available at the local retail shops. Currently, subscription drugs are sold at the streets alongside illegal drugs. This makes it easier for underage children as well as other individuals to obtain them. In addition, most of the Americans have the believe that, legal drugs are less addictive and safer as compared to illicit drugs that translate to extensive use of such drugs regardless of their side effects (Perry, 2013).
The American society promotes extensive use of drugs in many ways. First, various reality shows as well as extensive advertisements of such drugs give the viewers an impression that use of such drugs is safe. Moreover, peer pressure is another factor that encourages the youth in engaging into drug abuse. For example, there is extensive use of drugs in various high school parties across the country regardless of the strict regulation by the government. Most of the legal drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes and the prescription drugs are easily available in the streets making it easy for majority of the Americans to access them. Availability of different social classes in the society enhances extensive use of drugs since most of the individuals in the society tend to abuse drugs in order to fit in such social groups (Brick, 2013)
Biological theory of addition dictates that, continued use of a given substance by the individual results in addition. The theory explains that, introducing a given substance in the body results in overreliance, which limits their chances of withdrawal. On the other hand, sociological theory explains addition based on social influence. For example, the extensive use of drugs by an individual in order to fit in certain groups in the society results in addition. Psychological theory expounds addition based on the individual’s anxiety, as a result, of the use of the drug. The theory recognizes external and the internal factors in addition to emotional experiences that contributes to addiction (Brick, 2013). The psychological theory argues that, individuals result to drug abuse in order to adapt to particular needs as well as external pressures. The best theory that explains drug abuse is a psychological theory. This is because, the psychological theory argues that, drug abuse and addiction results from the desire by the person to specific personal, as well as external needs (Perry, 2013).
Decriminalization is the act of legalizing illicit drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Decriminalizing drugs such drugs results in various impacts such as overuse of the drugs, paralyzing the activities of drug cartels and reduction in drug peddling activities. Decriminalizing illicit drugs results in drug abuse since the drugs will be easily available over the counter. Om the other hand, the activities of the drug cartels are paralyzed since they will be available freely to the users (Perry, 2013).
There are various social problems resulting from drug abuses such as a family negligence and crime. Individuals abusing drugs tend to neglect their family responsibilities in the society. Moreover, crime levels are high in regions where levels of drug abuse are high. Individuals steal money in order to cater for the high bills incurred when purchasing drugs (Perry, 2013).
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