Homer’s influence in the simpsons

After viewing The Simpsons it has become apparent that the six key factors influencing homers overallhealthand physical activity play a big part in his life. Homer’s Heredity factors influencing his overall health and level of physical activity are hard to determine as he is a cartoon character and no real evidence of hisfamily’s history has been shown in the popular TV series. But for example if his father had suffered from a heredity disease he might possibly have taken or take his health more seriously. Signs of unhealthy hereditary aspects in homer and his father are that they are both overweight and both are balding.

They also both share the common feature of no intelligence and forgetfulness. These generic features which were passed on to homer are negative and haven’t helped his overall health and level of Physical activity. Abraham (homer’s father) wasn’t there for most of homer’schildhoodas he was in the Second World War. Homers mother left him at the age of 11 and these aspects must have had a great impact on the way he grew up and the level of understanding that he adopted about life. He acquires the same laid back nature as his father but doesn’t believe that they are similar in anyway.

He didn’t participate in much physical activity as a teenager and was an overweight adolescent who drunk. Wether these habits were passed down or just equated on his own from other factors in his life homer didn’t care about the damages and disruption he was causing his body by not being healthy and engaging in physical activity. Another factor which has influenced Homers overall health and level of physical activity is his lack ofeducation. Homer is a low level night class graduate and has no awareness or knowledge of the extreme importance of being healthy and engaging in physical activity.

He never takes notice of TV ads which promote good health and physical activity habits, but instead takes notice of ads regardingfoodand beer. Because of his lack of education, Homer is quite stupid and would eat until he gets sick and can‘ t fit anymore into himself or drink until he is completely blind and passes out. Not having an education about these sorts of things has shown how bad the effects are, Homer doesn’t know and has never been taught about how to be an overall healthy person. Lifestyle is a major factor of homers overall health and physical activity level.

Homer doesn’t do exercise or eat healthy. He is a borderline alcoholic and visits his local pub, Moe’s tavern regularly. There he socialises with drunken low lives and then returns home at night drunk and tired. Homer also tends to eat a lot of junk food, especially donuts which he cannot resist. He will also eat mouldy old food if in need and doesn’t care about the quality of it or the calories it contains let alone the harmful bacteria which could be lurking inside it. Homer likes to eat at the Frying Dutchman, which he almost put out of business on its “ All You Can Eat Night”.

Since then, Homer’s picture had hung in the restaurant, where he’s known as “ Bottomless Pete: Nature’s Cruellest Mistake. ” Homer has a routine of getting up, going to work, going to moes then arriving home and going to bed. On the weekends Homer will occasionally engage in recreational sports or doze off in his hammock in the backyard. He will not even play a game with his children or go for a run down the street, Homer does not do exercise. Homer drives recklessly to his destinations and doesn’t care fro road rules.

He also endures in countless rick taking behaviour including riding a skateboard off a cliff or getting involved with the mafia by mistake, it is his stupidity and ignorance which get Homer into these types of situations on a regular basis. Homer has also been hospitalised on numerous occasions for various heart attacks and injuries caused by his ruthless behaviours. He depends on his wife to look after him everyday without fail which angers her occasionally. Also Homer releases hisstresson his son Bart who he strangles when angry or coned formoneyor any other privileges.

His health is not managed properly and its effects have been shown on the show throughout its later years. Homer has priorities such as work, his family, money and drinking/eating these factors impact on his overall health and level of physical activity. Homer loves his family, and he’ll do just about anything to prove it—even if that means making himself look foolish. Homer works at Springfield’s nuclear power plant as a safety inspector, a job he secured after passing the specialized training course on his third attempt.

Not once does he consider the health-damaging side-effects of his gargantuan size, all he wants is freedom from going to work: ” Oh, I’m never going to be disabled,” he moans, ” I’m sick of being so healthy! ” Once during a strike, Homer’s critical functions could be filled only by a brick placed on a lever. Homer doesn’t take much pride in his work and normally just sits there eating donuts while watching TV or socialising with a college. Although he was trained Homer has little idea of how to do his job this could be caused by his poor diet and lack of physical activity which keep your brain alert and ready for a days work.

Homer also sees money as a priority in life and will do close to anything to obtain it. He seems to always get conned or have to engage in some daring act before he can get his money (which he never does). Homers want for money could have been caused by his immense eating and drinking lifestyle, which is not cheap. This therefore means he may need more money to replace the loss caused by drinking and eating a lot. Homer doesn’t care about his health and believes that, being healthy is too expensive. Drinking duff beer and eating donuts or other junk foods give comfort to Homer.

He doesn’t see these things as dead objects, but he sees them as alive and wanting to be eating. In many episodes homers food will come alive and beg to be eating. Homer cannot resist and quickly gobbles down 12 donuts in one go. Another factor that influences Homers overall health and level of physical activity is the amount ofmotivationthat he is given. Homer often receives small amounts of motivation from his family who tell him he needs to loss some weight and that he ’can’ do it if he applies himself.

Homers friends on the other hand don’t seem to notice homers weight problem, drinking problem or lack of exercise. They just take him as he is, this is mainly because most of Homers friends are a “ bunch of low life’s and bums” and have the same problems and issues themselves. Marge motivates Homer stop drinking and lose weight; he tries and sometimes succeeds but then puts it back on again due to temptation from the media, friends and theenvironmentin which he lives. Homer doesn’t believe that being obese and drinking a lot is a problem.

He doesn’t feel he needs to change and majority of the time doesn’t listen to motivation if he is told. Homers environment also plays a large part in his influence to be overall healthy and have a healthy level of physical activity. Homers pub, Moe’s tavern is local, therefore easy to get to and a temptation for him. Also not many people in homers local town engage in PA or are substanualy healthy. All homers friends are drinkers and smokers, and Homer likes to keep his image of a typical American man. Homer lives in a low socio-economic and socio-cultural environment and this has an impact on his lifestyle.

Homer has no ethics or morals about his health and isn’t ashamed to say that he is fat and stupid. There are fitness facilities surrounding Homers environment which are available to him, but he doesn’t use them. These include the gym, which in one episode, he had never heard of it and called it a “ gim” and also various parks around his town. As you can see the six factors, heredity, education, lifestyle, priorities, motivation and environment have all contributed to homer being in the state he is today.