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The two poems are depicted and written differently though they carry the same message as it concerns war. In the poem at the un-national monument along the Canadian border by William Stared. it is about the unknown farm that no crime have been , especially there has been no crime done in the environment .
The poem has utilized much of the stylistic devices since the essence of use of irony is evident, for example ‘ where the unknown soldier did not die’. Also evident in the poem is there use of stylistic devices for example the rhyme like die and sky the rhyme is taken as A/B/C/C/B A/B/A/C/C this is a sign of a irregular rhythm . The poem has an ending story which has unending this makes each of the lines sound like statement hence achieving the desire of the poet. He suggest that any part of the word need a to acquire the poem itself,
The second poem is to also about antiwar, the demands for. Uses the style of the rhetoric question asking questions that are obvious, the rhyming scheme as well is irregular this show how the poem flows. The stylistic devices show the differences as in the 1st paragraph to term since they tend. In both poems the existing mode is seen. Anthem for doomed is a poems. In bring out the theme in then poem as each approach to bring out the similarities is that he use of the repetition of a statement.
In the end the two poems bring out the essence of the war as both poems despises war in resolving disputes. The poetic devices used are sufficient and enough.

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