Honk kong marketing environment

Hong Kong This weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of Sais’s most beautiful cities. Hong Kong was the experience of a life time and a moment in time that I will not soon forget. The city proved to be awfully crowded most of the time with shoulders and elbows being bumped by Just walking on the sidewalks. Due to Hong Gong’s over population It is easier to identify its market and marketing strategies. That being said, a more condensed market calls on companies to Intensify their efforts when attempting to attract the consumer. The history of Hong Kong dates back to the Opium war of 1842.

London would acquire It and turn It Into Its modern state. Hong Kong started like an Island by the coast located on the coast southern to Chinas mainland. Most records do not begin to emerge until the start of British Colonial rule. The city began as a trading ground, flashing village, salt production hub. Honk Kong would later become a military port of large strategic value, and also a massive international financial center. Hong Gong’s market has a long history including its aged street markets, economic markets, modern day advertisement, and upcoming arrests. Types of marketing vary in Hong Kong but all still very relevant to the four Up’s.

Walking down the street mid-day makes the group culture of mainland China less apparent. As I try to make my way through the crowds of people flyers are being handed in every direction. The majority read Chinese and English can make out there are various night clubs, restaurants, and events being advertises. Banners hang, stands play music, and others event have live performances. As I accept flyer my stack quickly begins to grow until I am approached by one written in English with McDonald’s coupons. Harnessing very limited marketing technology McDonald’s is able to promote its product.

The person handing out the flyer quickly moves on, and begins handing out more to others, but the impact has already been made. Because the business is so widely known the costumer relationship is already built and strong relationship formed. Flyers are not the only form of advertisement is Hong Kong. The screens are the lengths of buildings. LED screens can be spotted on any busy Honk Kong street. Giant companies like Gucci, Coke, and Audio advertise their products tragically. Luxury items are displayed over head to luxury stores giving them maximum exposure.

It is apparent that the costumer have been selected. Market segmentation and targeting become the objective with giant LED screens. While a company like Gucci might only focus on their micro-luxury good environment other Like Coke spread wide. Due to Coke’s huge costumer base they are seen advertising more frequently. The way customers shop appears different than that of the united States, In Honk Kong the market must cater to groups of friends shopping together which Is why I believe advertisers are bypassing dealt channels, relying on paper flyers and loyalty items like card points for repeated shoppers.