How do we read essay example

We build our knowledge most of the time through reading. The essence of reading is one that cannot be underrated in any given way. It is hard to imagine someone in these days that cannot read because of the substantive role that reading plays in our lives. Such people are oft called illiterates; a concept that finds wide application in devolved countries. Furthermore, we do read almost every day whether we read books or newspaper. Reading is categorized according to the purpose for which a person is reading any literary work. If follows, therefore, that reading can be divided into types; mandatory reading and reading for pleasure.
Reading is particularly indispensable for students and workers. This assertion underscores the all-important role that reading plays when one wants to succeed in anything. Conventionally, students are required to read their textbooks and other supplementary materials, such as notes and research papers, to pass in their courses. Failure is inherently inevitable for people (students) who cannot read as virtually all instructional materials for learners, regardless of the their level of education, are always in written form. In the same light, workers do not have a choice of not being able to read- reading for them is not an optional. Workers in this sense encompass all individuals in the plethora of types of professions inclusive of; lawyers, politicians, and business owners. For example, physician cannot treat his or her patient unless he or she is bestowed with the ability to read the patient’s record. When reading is required, the reader have to make sure that he or she empathizes everything well otherwise they could face a problem. This type of reading in which one has to read because the work situation stipulates so or because a student might fail for not being able to read is called mandatory reading.
Reading for pleasure is yet another of the essence type of reading in which people opt to read for pleasure for various reasons. People resolve to read to cure curiosity, to kill of time or just because they like to read and they want to improve their knowledge. When someone is curious about something, the person is more likely to go and read about it whether he will look it up on the internet or in a book. Just as some people read for curiosity, others read just to kill of time. For instance, some people only read when they are waiting for a long time or when travelling. Also, people sometime read just because they like to read or want to be knowledgeable about what they read. For exemplar, when people read books that are not related to their work or studies, they just want to improve their knowledge. Assertively, when people read for pleasure, they read with no intention of memorizing what they read as they are aware that what they are reading is not examinable.
Concisely, reading is the most effective way to build on knowledge whether you have to read or not. We almost read every day, and it is important that we know why we read whether we read to understand what we read very well, or are we just reading for just that general idea. Mandatory reading and reading for pleasure are the most commonly used types of reading. Mandatory reading occurs when one has to read in order to perform a certain task proficiently like pass an exam or perform proficiently at work. Reading for pleasure, on the other hand, occurs when one reads to pass the time, for curiosity or for general knowledge.