How i integrated intelligence and character to solve it

Response to Prompt 2 A Situation that Requires Critical Thinking in My Life How I integrated Intelligence and Character to Solve it
Evidently, every aspect of life requires critical thinking. However, the level of priority given to a life scenario depends on how important that scenario is to the person involved (Horvath, 6). The pertinence of critical thinking is based on the fact that it facilitates a reduction of conflicts that may occur as one attempts to fulfill his needs (Horvath, 6). From a personal basis, and as a person who is currently focused towards achieving his career goals, critical thinking has played a key role in formulating my daily schedule time-table to ensure that I balance my social and academic activities in an appropriate manner.
As a young person, I have a social life to lead, while at the same time I have my career goals to achieve. It is obvious that at this point, many people tend to suffer the effects of peer pressure from their fellow age mates, thus losing the focus of their career goals. However, for psycho-social development, it is imperative that a person at my age is subjected to a proper relationship with his peers to achieve a proper psycho-social development. This is a challenging situation for most youths and it requires application of critical thinking.
Taking both scenarios in to consideration, I applied critical thinking, while using my intelligence integrated with character. To begin with, when I was making my daily time-table schedule, I began by giving the most imperative issues in life the highest priority: The most important issue in my life is my education at this time; this is followed by my psycho-social development, which basically involves spending time with relatives and friends. Therefore, on my daily schedule time table, I ensured that all issues ascribed to my academic work are given the first priority and adequate time. This was then followed by the time I spend with relatives and friends consecutively. Other miscellaneous activities such as watching movies, physical fitness sessions were given the last priority on my time-table; however adequate time was allocated for these activities.
How my Decisions and Choices Integrated Character and Intelligence
In order to be successful in formulating personal operational plans, one has to apply intelligence, while also taking into consideration his character: In my case, I applied my intelligence in creating a time-table and allocating adequate time for each daily activity. However, a great sense of care was taken in order to ensure that none of the activities collided with each other.
My intelligence also played a crucial is evaluating what seems to be important in my life at this particular time and what is actually important. This helped me to make sure that the most important issues are covered in the formulation of my daily schedule time-table. However, balancing my academic activities and social activities in the time-table was quite challenging; in this regard, I had to think critically to ensure that a balance of the two is achieved. It is important to note that, in as much as my academic careers may be the most important issues in my life at this time, my psycho-social development is also crucial. Critical thinking in this scenario ensured that my relationship with friends and relatives do not interfere with my academic activities and vice-versa.
In the process of critical thinking on how to balance my academic activities and my social life, I had to take into consideration my character. That is, I had to answer the questions: What are my priorities in life? What are my hobbies? Among others. Owing to the fact that I am not an outgoing person i. e. I do not have a high sense of interest in attending social places like night clubs and bars, I had to ensure that these are not given the first priority in my daily schedule time-table.
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