How my family history, environment and culture has influenced who i am today

My parents never believed in simply having blessings handed to their children on a proverbial silver platter and had established the authoritarian and control systems needed to ensure that goal-achievement was the product of individual drive and enthusiasm. One tool that assisted in this self-motivation was attendance in private school, thus taking advantage of smaller class sizes to improve socialization and establish a sense of teamwork. Rather than being a part of a large public school where such team philosophy is negated by budgets for group-oriented development, the private school environment and its competent instructors taught valuable lessons on goal-attainment both individually and through a peer support network.

Having a close niche of students available also improved my sense of belonging and security, thus as related to my own personal hierarchy of needs fulfillment, I was able to develop better self-confidence. Self-esteem and knowledge of personal emotional capacity were provided environmentally which has allowed me to achieve my goals with faith in my abilities and constant self-assurance. Without experience in private schools, I would likely be a much different person today with much more doubt about my talents and ability to succeed with determination.

My parents always worked very hard for everything they have accomplished, which served as inspiration on the back of their foundational lessons of self-determination. Their ongoing drive to accomplish their own goals served as an inspiration to me, making me a diligent worker in school and other personal lifestyle activities that I have undertaken over the years. I decided long ago to model their unique standard of living and try to become as capable and self-assured as they have always been so that I can achieve something important in life rather than simply being lost in the proverbial crowd like many others in society.

My father, a police officer for the past ten years, has also provided me with revelations about the importance of helping others and the personal rewards that aiding others can bring. I have witnessed, personally, the community respect my father has earned in his career role that is evident whenever he is approached by neighborhood citizens who have come to appreciate his good works and cooperative spirit. Of all members in my family, my father and his kinship with the community have inspired much of how I view my role in society, which assists me in finding purpose and identity to be a socially-contributing adult.