How to get through your high school years

Hey, So I know that high school can suck bigtime, and I’m still in high school right now (a senior) and I can assure you that my high school years are the worst. I’m the eldest of 2 kids so I didn’t have an older brother or sister to tell me how to survive this nightmare that is slowly driving me insane. I wish I had an older sibling *sobs*. However, I’m here now…

I kinda survived but I still have this beautiful (said in a totally sarcastic tone) year ahead of me so why not try to give the tips and tricks to some younger folks out there? So, let’s begin. 1. One will hate, One will love : So this is crucial. No matter what you’re gonna do, there’s someone who’s gonna love it and someone who’s gonna hate it. This is high school! Those individuals have nothing else to do but make fun of people and hate on them. So this gives you the cue to do whatever you like whenever you like because you just wanna enjoy life before student debt comes knocking at your door.

I have to tell you something though; a group or clique might make fun of you or hate whatever you’re wearing but you gotta know that not all of them will agree on certain opinions and they will keep their mouths shut just to fit in so all you do is feel sorry for those conformists. LOL. 2. GRADES, GRADES, GRADES: You just gotta be careful with your grades. Study hard and I mean HARD.

You gotta give it your all maybe like your 140%. I’ve learned this the hard way. Do you know how many universities I wanted to apply to but couldn’t because of my grades? A LOT! I feel totally guilty and I take full responsibility for everything that I’ve done because I had the capability and the tools to finish my work and show up to class but I chose not to. That’s what I call a reckless person. Now, I try to pick up the broken pieces but can you really bring back something that’s been broken to its original state? I guess not.

3. HANG WITH YOUR GANG: Now, this is simply simple: hang out with the people who share your same interests. Not everyone will get along with you. If you have to put on a fake personality or if you can’t be yourself around certain people, then stop hanging out with them! 4. HAVE FUN: Finally! Just chill with your friends and have fun because what better time to have fun than now? NEVER! Everything should be in moderation, though. ???? ___________________________________________________ I guess that’s it for this article.

I wanted to kinda get those things off my chest and inform younger generations… yeah! I hope you have a beautiful (not said in a sarcastic tone) high school year.