Hum 130 wk 3

Axia College Material Worksheet 4 Hum 130 Week 3 Exercise: Buddhism Worksheet Due Thursday in the Assignment Tab Using the readings in Chapter 5 answer the following questions concerning Buddhism. Complete the sentences: 1. The man who became known as Buddha was born approximately in the year _(a)__ and was originally named __(b)__ by his family. a. Fifth century BCE b. Siddhartha 2. Describe the lifestyle that he grew up in (Response should be 10 words minimum). He was raised in the lap of luxury. 3. He spent six years experiencing 5 “ extreme self-denial techniques” (p. 131). What were they? Nakedness, exposure to great heat and cold, breath retention, bed of brambles, severe fasting. 4. Briefly describe the “ Middle Way” of life that he eventually chose. Neither self indulgence nor self denial. 5. In the Buddha’s first sermon at Deer Park, he set forth basic ideas around which all later teachings would revolve. The basic teachings are called the ___(e)____ (p. 135). e. Four Noble Truths. 6. These four teachings are… 1. Life inevitable involves suffering, is imperfect and unsatisfactory . 2. Suffering originates in our desires. 3. Suffering will cease if all desires cease. 4. There is a way to realize this state: The noble Eightfold Path. 7. __(c)___, a major form of Buddhism, is called “ The Greater Vehicle” because practitioners believe that it provides the way of liberation to more people. c. Mahayana. 8. The leader in exile of Tibet, __(d)__, is one of the most respected and beloved spiritual leaders in the world (p. 157). d. Dalai Lama. 9. “ Contrary to popular assumptions, the Buddha did not advise people…” (p. 169) to do what? What does that mean? What did Buddha encourage? Did not advise people to permanently leave society to seek their own enlightenment. This means that a person should only take time to find this enlightenment and then return with spiritually, morally, and intellectually stronger and help others. Matching. Match the terms on the left with the definitions on the right. Insert the correct letter on the dash just to the left of the term. 10. _e___ Buddha | | a. the Buddha’s teachings | 11. _ a__ dharma | | b. liberation from ego | 12. _c____ sangha | | c. the order of Buddha’s disciples | 13. __f___ karma | | d. sudden burst of enlightenment | 14. __b___ nirvana | | e. “ Enlightened One” | 15. __d___ kensho | | f. our acts of will |