Human resource management challenges and changes nt assignment

Case Assignment Human resource management is significant because it kind of acts as a synergistic entity. All the parts need to be able to work together and communicate to result In a smooth product. Organizational restructuring has Impacted staffing In healthcare organizations because It predominately ends up with cutting Jobs. The workload becomes so unbearable and employees begin to suffer from stress and eventually burn out. Decreased personnel and increased workload equates to more mistakes Ewing made.

People start to cut corners and service is eroded. Production quality slips all the while more work is required. Not only that but interpersonal relationships and customer service also begins to be affected as anxiety Increases and tempers flare. This In turn affects customer loyalty which Is one of the key linkages in the service profit chain. This will also be eroded because employees suffer from stress. Payroll management only motivated by managers to operate with insufficient labor levels, which in turn negatively affects profitability.

In my opinion, I agree with the article “ Staffing numbers cutting payroll doesn’t always save a company or an organization money for the following reasons. Focusing on maintaining a maximum staffing level will have more of an impact on profitability then customer service. We all know staffing levels have a major impact on company costs, but what we don’t realize is that staffing levels also has a huge impact on both quality of the product, quality of the process as well as customer- service quality.

For instance, in a self serve business having the right product at the right time and the eight location has more of an impact then customer service. If I were in charge of selecting a “ qualified person” I would recommend following certain steps from “ The definitive guide to hiring right” (Mueller, J. R. & Bam, B. 2011). The steps of hiring right is the process of studying Jobs in order to gather, analyze synthesis and report information about the Job requirements you need. This will help make sure you more accurately update the needs of the company.

It would be optimum to search your own location first in an attempt to find candidates who possess the technical lubrications outlined in the Job description, as well as mirror the desired motivation and cultural fitness. Unfortunately, the downside of using internal methods for hiring new employees is the potential for perceived favoritism, which may cause more issues. Another recommended step is simply to complete a thorough review of the resume and the employment application.

An employer should screen for certain keywords to make sure they are compatible for you hire. Due to the increase in technological advances many employers forget about a telephone screen/interview. This step is highly recommended because you can learn a lot about the potential hire. It is also important to conduct a pre employment performance testing on qualified persons. Put in the extra time and effort to do your research on the person you are considering hiring. Make sure you do a thorough background check as well. Interviewees can be highly manipulative.

Make sure you have trained the interviewer to look for signs and body language feedback. Don’t have unstructured interviewers, make sure they are skilled in face to face interviews. You could also perform a interview with a panel of peers. Potential teammates of the new hire have a vested interest and a right to provide input into the hiring decision. Performing an office tour may provide valid information if one pays attention to the applicants body language and interaction with others. Doing a matrix to compare and contrast all your potential employee hires.

Take your time to choose the right candidate, a rush job could result in doing the process all over again. Leaders are a tricky situation. Some confuse leaders with managers. These are totally different things, a good manger could be a bad leader and vice of versa. You have to look for certain qualities in a leader. A leader must understand the scope of their responsibility. Leaders need to motivate the people they work for and assist in developing their personnel and inspire them to do better. Leaders analyze purpose and causes and are values driven.

Leaders must accept and invite conflict, they must be ambiguous and last but not least ensure their objectives and those of the organization become one in the same. Leaders paint the picture and inspire your stakeholders to do the same. I believe that any body could be a manger but it takes special people to come leaders ! Not everyone is born a leaders you want to follow leaders because you want to, opposed to mangers, you follow them because you have too! This is it care they must have all the technical aspects of the Job and the important aspect character.

You must watch and learn from other leaders and you must understand to be a leader you first have to follow. Some specific issues we find a lot of in health care today is inadequate training with not enough leaders and too many mangers. Attempting to do more with less, always trying to cut cost. Take for instance in California, an ML (Medical Laboratory Technician) who has an two year degree makes approximately 20 dollars per hour while an ML (Medical Laboratory Scientist) who has a four year degree and has more experience makes 48 dollars per hour.

Hospitals are starting to hire 4 Malt’s to do all the work and one ML to review the work. This saves money in the short run but people are burnt out. You get increased lawsuits and the ML wants to quit all because you didn’t balance out the work. It’s the same concept for an RAN and LIVE, selecting an unqualified person to rush and finish the Job. You know what they say you get what you pay for. I believe that in health care you need to stop trying to stream line the process and take the time to hire the qualified people for the right Job.