Human rights in politics

All human rights derive from the dignity and worth inherent in the human person and that the human person is the central of human rights and fundamental freedoms. What ever adds to the dignity and free existence of a human being should be regarded as a human right. In the U. S. A the term human rights was introduced in the Declaration Of Independence in 1776. (Dr. S. Subramanian, Human Rights – International Challenges.).
After World War II, due to the outbreak of the Cold War, the Communist Party of the U. S. A sustained a blow from which it never recovered. An obsessive fear for national security and fear about infiltration of the Government, lead to the intensified scrutiny of CPUSA and other radical political groups. In 1947 President, Harry Truman was instrumental in ushering in a law that permitted authorities to investigate and prosecute federal employees found to be disloyal to the Government. In 1949, 11 top leaders of the CPUSA were convicted under Alien Registration Act (South Act of 1940.), which made it illegal to advocate the violent overthrow of the American Government. In 1950 the Internal Security Act, was promulgated. This act required the registration of communist and communist front organizations. From 1950 to 1954 senator Joseph Mc McCarthy of Wisconsin used congressional investigations to persecute communists. This assumed the proportions of the Salem Witch Craft Trials and grave travesties of justice took place. Even Charlie Chaplin was not spared in this attack on those suspected to be either communists or communist supporters. This had the effect of producing a drastic reduction in the number of members in the CPUSA. (Microsoft Corporation Encarta Encyclopaedia , Communism. Timothy. J Colton.).

On the 11th of September 2001, a most dastardly attack was conducted on the innocent civilians of the USA by Al Qaeda terrorists under the demoniac guidance of their fiendish leader Osama Bin Laden. Three thousand innocent lives were lost on that terrible day. The US Government swung into action and retaliated with the Aerial Bombardment of Afghanistan, the stronghold and refuge of this group. Subsequently, an attack was made on Iraq and the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been apprehended and taken into custody. He now faces trial for his crimes against humanity. (Microsoft Corporation Encarta Encyclopaedia, September 11 Attacks, Tom Gjelten.)
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created by the Homeland Security Act of 2002 is the primary agency responsible for directing the US Government’s efforts to prevent and respond to terrorism. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency are responsible for investigating acts of terrorism within and outside the USA respectively.
Quite a large number of people were persecuted during the McCarthy Inquisition and these were American Citizens. On the other hand though a very large number have been killed of imprisoned in conditions, which flagrantly violate human rights – Al Ghraib Prisoners. The fact remains that very few Americans are being persecuted in this offensive against terrorism. More importantly, the US Action in the war against terrorism is a war against a very real and very deadly threat. A great deal of introspection is required to determine whether it should be supported by all the freedom-loving countries of the World or not.
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