Human services

The drug addicts trying to adopt drug-free life or a disabled person trying to adapt to the new life. However not all people accept change as some become very resistant.
Recovery in this context refers to a process of change that an individual goes through in order to improve their health and wellness and try to reach their full potential. It can’t be confined only to people suffering from addictions only; it applies to all other people who are receiving human services. For example a person with a mental health issue and a disabled person will undergo recovery. So for a human service worker, recovery would be viewed as way of gradual change that helps clients to accept their situation and move on whereas for the client, it is the only and most important hope they can have once they get themselves in those situations.
As a human service professional, when a client gets discouraged, I will ensure they learn to accept the situation and encourage them that they are not the only ones in that state. I will try and make them understand the purpose of life and ensure that I am in close contact with them so that they don’t feel neglected. I will also encourage and help them speak with others who have the same experiences but have managed to overcome them.
When on a working service for a client, not one worker can be able to do all the activities. Different skills will be required at same time which on worker can’t deliver. For example, there could be people with different problems ranging from drug addict, mental illness, disabled etc. All these people would require different kinds of guidance and counseling which can’t be provided by one social worker hence need for many professionals in that particular time.