Hummanities 111

HUMMANITIES 111 Name : Tembakazi Surname : Joseph Student no : 3100310 Tutor : Mr Ernst Engelbrecht Date Handed : 28-03-2011 “ Gilgamesh’s quest , success or failure” In the epic we have seen that Gilgamesh was strong , powerful and important among his people . Gilgamesh was regarded as great hero in the people of uruk because of his wisdom and braveness. Even though he was a ruler not all people of uruk were happy about his action as he was cruel among women. Gilgamesh had the quest where he was wanted to kill Humbaba and gain the eternal fame . This essay will discuss on how Gilgamesh’s quest shift from wanting the eternal fame to search for immortality. Arura created Enkidu to march with Gilgamesh , Enkidu was wild and powerful men like Gilgamesh he was created because people of Uruk were not happy with Gilgamesh oppression . Enkidu ended up , unknowingly became his strength and motivation muse to seek a deeper understanding of his life , as well as the what is important for his kingdom and his people . Gilgamesh and Enkidu were equal in strength and status. Gilgamesh wanted to kill Humbaba he could not have done it alone so there was Enkidu who was the friend of Gilgamesh , he was there to help Gilgamesh to kill Humbaba . even though Ekidu was there to help Gilgamesh but Enkidu was afraid to going to the cendar forest to kill Humbaba , Enkidu knew that Humbaba was appointed by Enlil to guard the cedar forest and to even terrify all who approach the forest , even though Enkidu was afraid , Gilgamesh ancouraged him to go and kill Humbaba. Gilgamesh was the men who had the pride and he wanted his people to remember him for his actions. They took a journey to the cedar. Shamash heard Gilgamesh’s prayer while they were on the forest and she answered the prayer , shamash said “ Hurry , confront humbaba now , cut him off before he get back to forest and disappears in to thicket “ shamash knew that Gilgamesh did not have much power to attack Humbaba . When Enkidu and Gilgamesh heard the terrify roar of Humbaba bellowing like the bull, thundering like god of the storm, it when Enkidu was so afraid and he could not hide his fear no Gilgamesh , Enkidu told Gilgamesh that he felt weak and his arms become stiff. Enkidu says those words it clear that Humbaba aws the most fearful creature in the forest, as we heard in the story his voice alone was death. Enkidu was grew up with the living in the forest living with animals it aws unlike him to be afraid of anything but Gilgamesh encouraged him not to be afraid, he even says that they must forget about the death and strive for life , this means that Gilgamesh was not ready to give up that means he had hope that they will both alive . Gilgamesh and Enkidu manageg to kill Humbaba and they return back to Uruk. The chief gods decided that , because of their actions Enkidu must die . This is crucial to the development of gilgamesh due to the fact that he as felt loss before , which is an emotion that is critical in the successful ruling of monarchy.’Enlil said ; let Enkidu die , but Gilgamesh must not die” he tear was flowing canals . Gilgamesh said “ oh brother , why they absolving me instead of my brother ? Then Enkidu said “ so now must became a ghost , to sit with the ghosts of the dead, to see my dear brother never more”. Gilgamesh is broken over this though of the loss of his friend as well as idea that he too someday will die. This though of death and death of Enkidu is the catalyst that foces him to seek eternal life, and what is important about this part in the story for the first time we seen Gilgamesh thinking about his surroundings and very sensitive and humbing issue of death . Utnapishtism was the person tha Gilgamesh looks for to find the answers of how to obtain the eternal life . Gilgamesh hopes that Utnapishtim will have some insight into how to obtain the eternal life so as to escape the pain and suffering that he has felt through the death of Enkidu. The story of the flood, which is how Utnapishtim received his immorality from the Gods, shows the idea that although men will die; humankind lives on, which is exactly what Gilgamesh’s whole overall enlightenment is about. Through this journey it is clear that even now in the search for eternal life Gilgamesh has slowly evolved from a self- centered cruel leader, who is more involved with himself then that of the lives of the civilization he rules over. Upon returning home to Uruk, Gilgamesh, although, empty-handed, has gain so much more not only as a person but also as a leader. What is clear about his journey overall is that he has come to terms with his morality and has been shown and understands exactly what is important in life and that is humankind. He is enlightened to the fact that although one man like himself can be very powerful and God like, that he himself will not live on, yet his civilization will through the people. This shows him the importants of his people who until this point he has not only neglected but he has also been cruel and unjust to , due to his self indulging qualities. On the return Gilgamesh sees his city in new light , which shows the idea that the, though developing a more moral can change from tyrant to person who is ruling in the interest of not only his people. Gilgamesh might have achieve some of that he wanted to achieve but he did not get exactly what he wanted because same of the task that was given he did not pass them . The epic of Gilgamesh is trying to show us that if really want something you must fight for it until you get , the story is also showing us that you not always get what you wished for. Another thing is that this story is showing the people that pride is not always the good thing , as it can lead you to things that you did not expect , like death or even losing a friend that care for the most. BIBLOGRAPHY 1. HUMMANITIES COURCE READER (2011) 2. FREE ONLINE RESEARCH PAPERS