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I have always understood that the ability of a person to understand the demand of the changingcircumstances and adapt to the same is what takes him/her further in Personal and Professional lives. A lot of the decisions I have taken in my life, I can say, reflect this understanding of mine to becomebetter equipped to meet the challenges that the life hurled at me. It is with a strong temperament tobecome more effective and efficient that I seek Admission to the Masters Program in ProjectManagement from the Northeastern University College of Professional Studies. Even from my childhood, I was an avid learner who was more concerned about the applications of thesubjects that I studied than the pure scholarly aspects of the same.

This made me ask relevant andconstant questions to all my teachers. This ability to look at issues practically and my curiousness pavedme my way to the good books of my teachers quite effectively. As an Enterprising and outgoing student, I was also an ardent participant in various extracurricular activities as well. I have been the Deputy ClassRepresentative of Final Year B. Pharm and served as a Club Service Director of Rotract Club of K. MKundnani College of Pharmacy. I have also presented various paper presentations and posterpresentations, and won several Recognitions as well.

After my Higher Secondary course, I got the Admission to the Undergraduate program of Pharmacywhere I was introduced to a range of processes, techniques and subjects dealt with conceiving andmaking medicines. Though I was an average student academically, I was very keen to grab practicalknowledge as much as possible. This helped me carry out extensive researches to present a slew ofSeminars, Presentations and Project works. All of these experiences helped me become an ardentProfessional in the academic realm of Pharmacy. After the Undergraduate program, I was hired by WinMedicarePvt. Ltd. as the Professional Service Representative where I was responsible to drive betterSales for the organization. After the stint there, wanting to grow in my career, I secured the Internship inRegulatory Affairs from L’Oreal India Pvt.

Ltd. and my performance during the Internship helped me gethired by the same company as the Regulatory Affairs Executive for the Asia Pacific region. It was the firstglobal exposure I have had in my career and I was introduced to a range of elements in industry. TheExperiences have helped me grow as a strong and insightful professional. After 15 months, I moved toStar Pharmacy as the Pharmacist and after a year again, I moved to Medlife International Pvt. Ltd.

as aQuality Analyst to gain more exposure in the same field. Over the course of my Professional experiences, I have had an innate desire to grow in my career whichwas the major reason I kept trying to find the right job with different companies. However, over theyears, I have been able to understand quite a few facets of the Pharmacy Industry as I was able to directinvolve myself in taking care of various Legal aspects such as GMP Certification, ISO Certification, Approval and Renewal of Licenses from several Regulatory bodies, Factory layout Approvals & InternalAudits during my tenure with L’Oreal India Pvt. Ltd.

This helped me realize the Employment and growthprospects of Project Management in the Pharmaceutical industry. This has persuaded me to take abreak from my career and pursue my Master of Science in Project Management. As the Education system of the US is regarded as the Best in the World due to the emphasis the systemlays in preparing students to meet the Challenges in the real world, US has always been choice for myhigher Education. Though deciding the country was definitely a piece of cake, finding the most suitableUniversity was not so much; it was quite the opposite. I had to carry out Extensive researches about arange of Universities before finally settling with the Northeastern University College of ProfessionalStudies. What helped me make the decision was the Empirical nature of the curriculum which can betailored according to the student’s past professional Experience and Concentrations allow students tofocus their studies on content specific knowledge.

The Accreditation of the University by the ProjectManagement Institute’s Global Accreditation Center has also helped me make the decision effortlessly. I am convinced that the University will sure instil in me the skills and competence required to grow as aneffective Project Management professional. As a foreign student, in order to meet my financial requirements during the course of my studies, I havesaved enough money from my previous Jobs. My father also has agreed to sponsor my course in the USas well. I have also made arrangements for an education loan should any need arise. After the Masters program, I would like to return to India and would like to work on various challengesthat will give me ample opportunities to grow as a Project Management Professional all the whileeffectively utilizing all my academic and empirical exposure in the field. R