Identify a nursing informatics project

Nursing informatics project The host organization of Briarwood Health Care Center in Denver, CO, has identified a need for new information system based on the need to enhance the speed of documentation and patient charting at the health facility.
The project objectives will include:
1. To increase the efficiency of the information system
2. To increase the security and safety of the databases
3. To increase the ease of sharing data within the facility
4. To improve the quality of service delivery at the healthcare facility
5. To enhance and facilitate consultation among the nurses and doctors among other patient stakeholders at the facility
Supporting evidence
Documentation is a fundamental feature of nursing informatics that influences the efficiency of a healthcare facility. This validates the need for efficient information system in such facilities since an information system provides a basic infrastructure that facilitates communication within a facility. At Briarwood Healthcare Center in Denver, the management of the facility decides to replace the existing information system with a new system, one that will offer increased efficiency. The need for the replacement arises from the changes and technological innovation most of which have created better digital infrastructures that promise increased efficiency and fidelity of communication and databases. Replacing the information system at the facility is therefore important since it will not only update the facility’s database but will also enhances the efficiency of operations and the quality of services at the healthcare center.
The stakeholders in the project will include the service provider. The facility contracts the service provider to install an appropriate information system at the facility. As such, the service provider will not only install the system but also advise the other stakeholders on the features of the system thereby enhancing its functionality. Other stakeholders will include the doctors and nurses at the facility the two will use the system on a daily basis as they access various files. They therefore require appropriate technical knowhow and understanding of the system in order to use it effectively (Blick, 2011). The project’s priority at the facility is to offer a secure and efficient information system at the facility. The new information system will consist on new computers coupled with many other auxiliary equipment and programs that will safeguard the safety and integrity of the facility’s database.
The success of the project results from the timely installation and a delivery of the improved efficiency among other features missing in the current system. Installing the information system in time is mandatory since it enhances and upholds the timely vale the organization prides in; this enhances the reputation of the facility besides complementing service delivery. The information system will necessitate the creation of an information department within the facility. As such, the health facility must hire a Nurse informaticist mandated with the management of the information system among other auxiliary infrastructure. The rest of the stakeholders therefore report to the Nurse informaticist who manages the system.
Blick, D. (2011). The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book. Surrey: Filament Publishing.