Identify reasons why people communicate essay sample

When working in childcare, effective communication is key and that is for various reasons.

* Sharing Ideas – It is essential that different points of view and opinions are given on subjects, everyone has ideas and thoughts that they share with each other.

* Building Relationships – It can be very scary and intimidating for both children and parents when they start at nursery so communicating with them and building positive relationships, puts them at ease and is another reason why we communicate. A smile or a wave is a way of communicating with them at this point.

* Maintaining Relationships – By saying ‘ hello’ or ‘ goodbye’ and smiling at people we are constantly maintaining a relationship with them while we work, without realising it. * Gaining Acknowledgement or Reassurance – Children & young people are always on the lookout for reassurance and acknowledgement and we give them this by praising them. Eye contact is key and we take an interest in what they show us. Colleagues also acknowledge each other constantly and work together. * Gaining & Sharing Information – The sharing of information is key in any situation, especially in nurseries. It enables us to improve the way we work and focus on the needs of the children we are caring for.

* Expressing Needs & Feelings – Everyone has emotions and most of us will need to share them at some point. Children & young people are the same and we must allow them to do so. Those that don’t have the opportunities to do this can become very isolated and frustrated.