Ignited minds review

Ignited Minds Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Ignited Minds’ written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is a book of hope and determination. The book talks about his experience of meeting the numerous students from all over the country and how during the course of interaction with the people from the entire nation made him realise the potential of India to be a developed country. The book starts with his dream where he meets the five greatest beings on earth and how their conversation inspired him to think big and spread the message to all. Here he also emphasises the need to set up a goal for the nation and how this goal can help it become not only developed but also create a globalised platform for the entire world. He urges everyone to have a dream and emphasises on the power of dream to be the greatest on earth.     He describes how each one possess magnetic capabilities like that of earth and hence our reality becomes aligned to what we aspire to be. His emphasis on the role of parents and teachers in nurturing the younger generation who are a nation’s true wealth is noteworthy In the book, he also describes his stint with science and technology and the great visionaries and scientists of India who have a great hand in shaping technological growth. By their examples, he underlines the need for having a vision and also structuring a path for the same. This fact not only is important for an individual but also for the nation. A nation loses the power to be strong despite its wealth if it lacks vision. The awe which was created in him after meeting these great sages and how the mind and body interact to create a vital force has been delineated. He says that India is a country which stands far below the potential that it has and hence we should exploit the strength, the energy of the youth and the creativity to achieve a higher goal coming out of narrow thinking and smaller affairs. He urges every citizen of our country to enter into a mission mode and by integrating the vast knowledge and acquiring a happy balance to achieve the mission of turning the country into a developed nation soon. He further emphasises this point by asking the youth to look for opportunities in challenges thrown at them and be responsible for their actions irrespective of the result. The most inspiring lines from the book quoted as such are, “ When something is at stake, the human mind gets ignited. ” “ Ignite your minds and think big. ” The book is not only an inspiration to think big but is laden with the feeling of patriotism and urges one to consider nation and its vision to be bigger than an individual, to reach to the higher self within and to keep aspirations high because “ we are, what we think we are”. The book is summarised in the end with a wonderful discussion between two kids in a mother’s womb named “ ego” and “ spirit”, which reiterates the fact that we should look beyond what our eyes can see.. With presenting real life examples and his own experiences, Dr. Kalam has shown us various facets of life and the country, which makes it more inspirational. With real life experiences described in a very simple language, Dr. Kalam has again done a wonderful job in creating ripples and disturbance in the minds of the youth which has been dormant for a while now.