Impact of technology on culture

The way we communicate, learn and do our dally satellites has changed and It has both negative and positive Impacts on us. This technological age has positively Impacted our little society. Technology has made traveling from place to place or from city to village or country to country easier and faster because of the Invention of cars, buses, bikes and boats that we use In our everyday life, before the Invention of cars, buses, bikes and boats people use to walk to their destinations or use a horse to get to their destination faster.

Even the way of learning eave been improved as well and is also faster now because of the online learning, now we use the computer a lot now in our education system in order to communicate with the teacher or get home work from the email and now even hard copy books are becoming obsolete in this technology driven age that we live in because now there are devices you can use to get the soft copy of the books and also read from off it as well, the computer is also use to help students do research as well with the use of the internet.

Technology has also changed the way the farmers plant their crops and also harvest their crops with the use of machine, now in this technological age people are not doing manual labor again like in the past only the poor people who cannot afford to buy these machines are doing manual labor, and also technology has changed the way in which our little country imports and exports goods and services to other countries and from other countries, now they have computers that keep tract of the goods being shipped out and coming into the country and the use of trucks and barges makes the export of goods faster and safer that in the past.

Also genealogy has changed the way we communicate with each other now we can text or call someone to talk to them and we can also communicate with friends and families that are far away from us with the use of video chat and Instant messaging. Technology is not always good for the society yes we see that everything Is done faster and Is much easier with technology but really too much of technology Is not good.

Due to the over use of technology we learn to be lazy and we do not do much work because technology has us occupied, and because of chatting n testing we don’t rite full words now we use the short of the word we are trying to express, and also technology causes a person to lose their eyes sight because of the constant exposes of the light given off by the computer and phones.

These devices can also cause cancers due to the constant exposes of the artificial light rays from the devices we use every day, even the common foods that we eat can get use sick after a while because of all the chemicals being used, back then people were more active and ate healthy foods and they did not have the TV that negatively influences us with all the dutiful young ladies and women.

This new technological era that we live in is affecting us big time now we can’t express ourselves that well now due to the constant use of technology, we don’t feel comfortable speaking to other people in person we rather call or text or even instant message them and that’s not how it’s supposed to be and also the use of cell phones causes acne and cancer to the ears and the use of laptops causes burns and because of the exposes to the artificial light some people can’t sleep.

So technology causes communication problems and health robbers and also it lets a person lose their ability to write properly they use the shorten words instead of the full word. The devices that we use to communicate has made young people of today lack communication skills, they rather chat or text than hold a conversation and that is bad now because of technology families are divided and not doing much family activities as was done in the past and that’s the common trend in every house hold today only people who cannot afford these devices are keeping their traditions and doing family activities.