Impact of vices on human character and importance of self love

Impact of Virtues on Human Character

According to Cunningham (2002), Plato described the four cardinal virtues possessed by human beings to be temperance, prudence, courage, and justice. I believe that possession of virtues strengthens and flourishes one’s character, such virtues include ambition, benevolence, and perseverance. Also, commitment, kindness, orderliness, bravery, courage, prudence, patience and trustworthiness. Others are Confidence, empathy, persistence, compassion, generosity, and tolerance. I apply these in my day-to-day life to become a better student. For example, I am ambitious as I have a desire to excel in my academics, I am courageous as I am not afraid to take on new challenges. I am also, tolerant as I persevere until I achieve my targets, I am compassionate to others in the community, and I am also committed to accomplishing my goals.

These traits render one self-destructive and make it very difficult for one to maintain close relationships with others. However, since we all possess both virtues and vices, it is important to practice self-love as one cannot love others if one does not love himself or herself (Cunningham, 2002).
In conclusion, human beings have different traits that are used to categorize them into different temperaments and these are the sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic and choleric traits.