Implication of studies in hospitality industry

He provides emphasis on the elements on which brand loyalty is based upon. Awareness, Perceived Quality, Innovation, Brand Extension, Image, Promotion, Reputation, Customer Satisfaction congregate together to Create Brand Loyalty. These variables bestow the company increased market share and growth rate, repeat purchases, competitive advantage, and profitability. Since retaining old customers is less expensive therefore hospitality companies must integrate these elements in their strategic plans in order to boost the market share.

Taylor and Forte (2008) review the hospitality service from a different viewpoint. They believe that in order to maintain and retain customer, the food segment must be very innovative and safe, and for that purpose, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plays a significant and key role. It is used to advocate the hospitality industry by managing the systems of food safety. HACCP, on the other hand, has some barriers which make it difficult to implement those steps recommended by it. For instance, the caterers don’t understand the technical jargons mentioned in HACCP and thereby it is complicated to make them understand these principles. Because of the vast number of products being offered in hospitality companies’ menus, it is not possible to monitor and produce flow chart for each product. Due to the fast production and consumption of food in hospitality industries, it is not practically possible to make a critical analysis of every product. According to the study of Taylor and Forte (2008), HACCP cannot be beneficial for hospitality industry unless the necessary principles are underpinned.

Article Implications for Hospitality Industry
Implementing the above studies can prove to be very beneficial for hospitality industries. Combination of both the researches can help the hotel companies to boost their market share to a great extent. In order to retain current customers, strong attention must be provided on brand loyalty. Food is an important area of the hospitality industry, therefore enhancing the quality and safety of food can be a very significant element in maintaining brand loyalty.