Importance of following orders

IMPORTANCE OF FOLLOWING ORDERS An order is a direction or command that is itative. In the army it is very crucial to follow orders in the way that they are given as each and every order is very important. In the military, an order is generally understood as a tasking given to a junior solder by his senior, regarding something that has to be done in a manner that is efficient and timely without questioning why the orders are given out (Pavelec, S. M. 2010). For a soldier, following orders is crucial as it enables them to be more combat effective, improves ones level of discipline, and to be a perfect soldier.
A combat becomes ineffective whenever a soldier fails to follow the orders given to him/her. Whenever a single unit’s soldier is not combat effective, he will end up slowing down the combat’s winning formula by forcing the commanders to focus on a single soldier who is not offering anything to the workload that is facing the unit. By executing the orders in time and in the manner that is acceptable, one greatly helps in the unit even if he doesn’t know the reason why as everyone is important in making the mission at hand a success.
Un-questionably following orders is how the military regard discipline. One is expected to know what they have to do at the same time follow commands and directions enthusiastically and promptly. For one to follow orders effectively, it is very important for one to be disciplined as you it enables you to react in a manner that is fast enough whenever your service is called upon. This will really help in raising a soldiers awareness level as a soldier should be alert at all times.
Following orders enables an individual to becoming a good soldier. A good soldier is one who takes an order and carries it out the way it has been given no matter how bad or hard it is to follow that particular order. There are many reasons as to why it is important to follow orders and all of them are important, but in this essay I have only looked at the main ones.
Whenever a soldier does not follow the authoritative directions given by his senior, it does not hurt him/her alone as an individual, but the whole combat team and the mission’s goals. Whenever the objectives of a mission get hurt by failing to follow orders as expected, everything that is important in completing the mission becomes weak. This also affects the moral of the entire unit as the leadership will be at a constant worry about the loyalty of the solder who does not follow their orders. They are never relaxed as they wonder if he/she is going to do the right thing and this makes tension to set in the entire unit because no one knows what is going through the minds of such individuals. This will in the long run affect the standard of the work done and the time taken to complete it as the remaining part of the unit will see the job is not evenly spread out and this will kill the team spirit. Failing to obeying orders will amounts to disrespecting the authority and this can serious consequences to the rebel including dismissal from duty.
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