Improving organization retention research paper


As the professional consultant you hired to improve the retention issues in your casino, allow me to table my tender and painstakingly researched report of my findings concerning the deteriorating situation of your casino. According to Kotler and Armstrong (2008), it is paramount for business firms to focus on the implementation of ideal marketing strategies if they must succeed. Sir, in this report, you will find out why most of the patrons have been disappearing never to return. You will also get to know the reasons behind why this casino has been so ineffectual, full of indifferences and with the most indubitable sullied reputation among the other casinos around.

It is also in this report that you will get to know how the dealers have been deserting your casino to in other casinos irrespective of the fact that your casino pays better than all the casinos around. In this report sir, you will also find your position as a president. Cases of absenteeism are also well researched here and reported as well. Get to know why most of the managers in the accounting and other departments request their full time employees to cover for housekeeping by duties which include cleaning rooms and why the victimized junior employees should not. Discover how the workers’ wages are comparable to the neighboring casinos but end up working extra unpaid hours as compared to their counterparts for example they clean extra rooms per day as compared to their counterparts. Among other unjust, just to mention a few.


I believe that leadership is prerequisite to effective management in an organization thus, without appropriate leadership skills; you cannot be an effective manager. Basically, there is an identical relationship between concepts of leadership and management. Management is a particular designated position in an organization while leadership is, being in a position that is achieved in an unofficial way therefore isolating the two terms and this should be noted in mind. I truly believe that many organizations are not shocked by customer defections and even if they did, they do it when it is too late.

A good leader must be able to create a good relationship with the people he is leading since nobody can succeed alone without the solidarity of others. For any organization to succeed, the core imperative element is teamwork. Without teamwork, an organization cannot stand firm against its rivals. As the wise business men once said, if you want to go fast, go alone and if but if want to far, go with others. Every entrepreneur’s goal is to ensure that he goes far ahead of his competitors. Success in any business depends simply on profit made. Without profit, there is no active transaction going on. The most crucial pillar in a business is a client and he must be protected and pacified in all ways possible in order for him/her to come back again (Reichheld, 1996)

Managers within their professional lines of duties should take into consideration some of most important business strategies. Some of these strategies include; the nurturing of the existing professional and social relationship between them and clients, they are obligated to train and educate their employees about interaction skills as far as their behavior is concerned, they should at all time aim at establishing a long-term and strong relationships with qualified service providers and clients they must be able to customize activities to clients at individual level. A perfect manager must be able to constantly establish switching barriers with clients in order for them not defect to other service providers. Lastly, they should be able to update clients information on a data base both private and professional information.


Casino’s condition is much deteriorated. During my stay here, much discrepancies and the situation needs a quick fix before things get futile beyond fix. Beginning with the housekeepers, and other dealers, workers have been resigning at a very wanting rate due to the poor working conditions due to lack of leadership in top management beginning with the president who has shown mediocrity as far as the leadership is concerned. Among the reasons why the workers have found it of no benefit to work here are; poor working conditions due to lack of protective equipments like gloves, helmet, overalls and boots among others. Low wage is also another major factor as to why the workforce is declining at a very high level. I acknowledge the fact that JC casino is the best paying casino around town. The problem is that the amount of work they do is double of what should be done normally. As a remedy, these people should be induced in order for their morale to be kept alive and therefore, overtimes should be put at place to encourage this people work extra more hours. A casino is a profit making company with workers being core elements here. In this case, they should be taken care of in all aspects with finance being the kea basic need of every human being.

Due to the absenteeism, the hotel has been forced to adjust its check in and mostly, the management has been creating rooms to accommodate extra luggage. The standard at the casino is not appealing and therefore below the recommended industry standards. Extra staff has been temporary hired to take care of the visitors’ luggage which is unusual. Discovery has as well revealed that housekeeping director Mr. Andrew Keen has been working hard to improve the situation by adding more staff but, all has been in vain since such like plans require sound support and reliable back up which unfortunately, is limited due to carelessness from the top management.

The justice theory

This theory is motivational since it involves the person’s value rather than their needs, reinforcements or beliefs. This theory concurs with the supposition that people largely value equality over their relationships with their fellow employees in the workstation. This is to say that when an organization hires someone for a certain job, they believe in themselves to an extent of working to the best of their level in which they also expect to be fairly treated by the same organization. This means that they exchange courtesy and due to this, the individuals hired are highly motivated.

The two factor theory

This theory suggests that the nature of the job itself motivates an individual but not by its condition or inducements. Two categories are contained by the two factor theories being the motivator factor and the hygiene factor. All these must be observed to guarantee the prosperity of the organization.

These two theories are more crucial and must be adhered to under all circumstances.


There is a public outcry concerning the casino’s top management starting with the president of the casino who is reported to be toxic towards other people, arrogant, overbearing, incompetent, sluggish, merciless and elementary in leadership making the casino a no go zone for patrons and other relevant dealers. Communication has totally died from between the management and dealers making the casino a no go zone for many patrons. According to Blalock, for decades, communication skills have been consistently ranked as imperative to all managers and employees as well. (Blalock, 2005)

These and many more grievances have sullied the casinos image giving birth to; laziness among workers since there is no proper guidelines from the top, carelessness among the staff has led to less productivity due to less attention that the visitors are accorded forcing them to go away following the dissatisfaction. Generally, all these atrocities have scared away visitors forcing them to go to the neighboring casinos. To reclaim the glory that JC casino had, A quick fix must be observed and emergency rescue plan enforced.


JC casino pays better than any other surrounding casinos. Despite this fact, dealers have been running away from it to go and work for the casinos which pay them less salary. This is basically due to the arrogance by the boss. The president must be sacked as soon as possible. The HR director must be accorded his powers so that he can execute his duties and responsibilities amicably. Employees’ salary must be reviewed and also their working conditions improved. Extra rooms must be preserved for emergencies just in case visitors turn out in large numbers they can be easily accommodated together with their luggage. Working hours should be observed so as not to overwork employees especially housekeeping crew. In case of overtimes, recommended additional allowances should be awarded accordingly. Inducements should be awarded to the best performing employees to help them keep their spirit of working hard. Cleanness should be maintained in rooms and preparations must be timely to avoid inconveniences with visitors.

As a professional, I strongly concur with Robert Wu in his dream of a business culture with generosity, purpose and joy. Therefore, idiosyncrasy and complexity usually distinguishes professional services by being unique within and among professional firms. The proper channeled business principals give birth to professionally serviced firms with qualities such as routinization, standardization and supervision (Robert Wu, 2010)


The management is the core determinant in any business. Managers should be able to lead as an example and act as role models by showing good examples to their juniors. Some of them include punctuality, regular attendances, hardworking, selfless in duty execution, listening and meek professionally so as to be able to contain all sorts of characters the company will be serving. Companies should learn to maintain his reliable customers and ensure that they do not lose them to their rivals.


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