In time (movie)

A Sociological Review of the Movie “ In Time” The underlying societal issue in this futuristic thriller is the same as that of our everyday life. Poverty and the lack of resources are the cornerstone of the societal argument in the movie. Take for example the part in the movie where the price of coffee was raised without any forewarning to the people. The same thing happens to us everyday with our rising cost of living. Everything from gasoline prices, to the price of a gallon of milk seems to change on a daily basis, making these goods unaffordable by those who need it the most.
The movie effectively depicts the way that social classes are divided by how much money a person has. It is not uncommon for the rich people in real life to walk around surrounded by bodyguards in order to safeguard their person and wealth just like in the movie. While those in the lower echelons of society struggle to make ends meet and lose their lives because they owed money or simply ran out of money to sustain themselves.
The characters of Will Salas and Sylvia Weis come from opposite ends of the social spectrum yet they share a common interest. They both want to experience life on the other side. So, while Will got to live the extravagant lifestyle for a few days, Sylvia finally got to experience the thrill and adventure that she had been longing for all her life by going on the lam with Will. In their case, their race and ethnicity did not really have a bearing on how they were treated as evidenced by the visit Will Salas had in North Greenwich. Rather, it was their economic status in life that dictated how society would treat them and where they would live as evidenced by the various time zones that Will passed through during his trip to Greenwich.
The Timekeeper was the physical embodiment of the prejudice and discrimination that existed in their society. His job was simply to make sure that people never got out of their assigned stations in life. That is why he was dead set on capturing and “ timing out” Will Salas.
This movie can definitely be related to our current government system. What with the way that our economy is collapsing and people can never earn enough money to keep abreast of their daily expenses, it certainly seems like time and not money is the real commodity these days. Money only gives time a physical representation. But our government has been manipulating our economy , and socioeconomic system in order to keep people and their accomplishments in life in check.
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