Influence of technology essay examples

Challenges of Technology in Business

Technology has been termed as a benefit to many since it completely changed the man’s way of thinking and doing things. However, due to constant changes in technology businesses have been facing various problems in the long run. For instance businesses face usage of extra finances due to technological changes. This is termed as the number one disadvantage which is in relation t business and technology. Computer equipments and materials are costly. Also, due to constant changes, after companies purchase their technology they require to update it every now and then in order to keep up with standards. Technology also requires employment of individuals who have knowledge in computer skills for technology monitoring and this is an added cost to most organizations.
Technology has also lead to businesses losing personal touch. According to Dennis Aubuchon, creation of a personal atmosphere by a business contributes towards its success compared to other businesses. Therefore, technology has been said to contribute to loss of this attribute directly and thus leading to reduction of revenue in business. Due to changes in technology, human beings have relaxed in their work since they expect to work out everything via computers. This has to some extent increased the level of error and production caessation which would easily been avoided if the tasks and services have been carried out manually. Employees therefore are not able to catch errors due to over-relying a lot on computers. For those businesses which completely rely on computers and technology, losses can easily incur. This might happen if for example the business server fails which will then lead to stopping all the ongoing processes in the business. There are so many challenges that are faced by businesses due to changing technology despite the fact that we tend to assume technology is perfect.


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