Information system (it)

Information System (IT) Market competition is live to different players in a given market such as manufacturers of laptop around the globe such as Apple, Dell and Lenovo. Manufacturing companies create value by obtaining raw materials and creating something useful of them. Apple Inc. is an American cooperation that serves to design, manufacture and sell electronic devices, personal computers and software, and is considered the most successful electronics company. The firm had about 72, 800 employees as of 2012. Its main competitors are Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Amazon. com, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation, Dell and. It serves computer industries dealing with hardware, software and consumer electronics worldwide.
Question 2
Michael Porters value chain framework helps to analyze activities through which creates value and gains competitive advantage. In this case, Delta Airlines applies different secondary and primary activities in realizing its value chain. For instance, the company uses technology (secondary activity) through its company website to enhance flight scheduling for its clients. Another secondary activity used by the company is the procurement of resources such as acquisition of aircraft and their parts. Primary activities of Delta Airlines include marketing of its services to their target audience through different marketing channels such as Internet marketing. Another primary activity is great customer service that is realized through a good company motivational plans.
Question 3
Organizational designs make sure that the rights to make decisions are properly allocated. In hierarchical, a manager is the mediator and oversees information collection from those answerable to him and reports as in is the case in several companies around the globe. Flat structures support information flow all through the firm like in the case of matrix which involves small groups that are interconnected. Some of the technologies that support this organizational structures and designs is the Intranet. Intranet functions just like the Internet, but it’s not available to the out Internet community as it’s solely for a given company.
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