Introduction the first point of contact with the

Introduction      Primary Healthcare refers to essential healthcare, most commonly known as the foundation of our healthcare system. Being the first-line in our healthcare system, We often understand the importance of having an efficient professional primary care are pointed out as it is often the first point of contact with the patients. With Singapore healthcare system, it does actually cover 80% of our healthcare support. Primary healthcare normally provides holistic and personalised care for patients in different age group.

Services may seem normal however it is a critical condition to maintain good healthcare system in Singapore. Some of the Citizens of Singapore does not know much about our healthcare system and thus foregoing some strategies in healthcare. Often after Primary care services, if any patients requires immediate medical attention or specialised treatment, they will be referred to relative department for further treatment.     However, how do we stay away from sickness and the need of primary healthcare services? We have to keep our body in a consistent healthy state and of course physical fitness is the first to start with in our everyday’s life. Physical fitness is vital for everybody as it can help keep your body condition fit and will improve one’s immune system. A healthy lifestyle starts from one’s everyday life.     Exercise 3-4 times a week such as running, calisthenics and swimming can help maintain a good healthy lifestyle.

However, facilities around our areas are normally insufficient for most of us and the type of exercises we can do are very limited. I suggest that we could come out with a strategy to attract more teenagers and working adults to make use of the exercise facilities around us. Normal facilities around HDB areas are insufficient, not very helpful as they suits more for the elderlies and also the equipment’s are not enough for working adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Management or strategic plans can improve our whole physical healthcare plans for general sickness.     Personally, I feel that most of the community does not take their health issue as their first priority. I found out that most of the retired Elderlies normally does not have anything to do at home and often motivations to exercise were not there for them. At the ranging age shown, they normally have other priorities like family bonding session, bringing their grandchildren to school or taking care of them and any other reasons that will cause their health to deteriorate or their immune system to slowly degenerate. They clearly do not understand the importance of maintaining their health system and having preventive measures to prevent them from falling sick. Hence, I would like the targeted age group to set aside their activities on hand to focus on the preventive measures for their health and their own being. Site AnalysisSite Analysis       The Strength of the site that I chose (Tah Ching Road, Block 332) is that the building is facing Jurong Lake Park directly. Research and News Articles have shown that the development of Jurong Lake Park will be complete by mid of 2018.

Facilities around the selected site will be greatly enhance and redeveloped in 5 years time. Block 332 is a executive apartment HDB and the floor plan is stated (Fig. 1). The Allocation of the site map (Fig. 2) shows the targeted site, surrounding site plan, Pedestrian Walkway, Bus Stops and Lakeside MRT station.

This shows that Jurong Lake Park is an easy accessible location by transport supported.     (Fig. 2) shows the selected Block and the surrounding facilities are just one road across. This could be an opportunity to build a link access from the Site Area to Jurong Lake Park to Convenient elderlies. The Massive Makeover that Jurong is currently undergoing helps the site to enhance its viability of value.      In 5 years time, Jurong will be done redeveloping most of the area and (Fig. 3) Will be a secondary information on the net of Jurong’s massive Makeover.

Many new facilities might be added in Jurong lake park like, Water sports activities, Pavilion or event lawn which is available to organise some large scale event which can allow the residents around to participate. Jurong Lake Park aims to promote community life style and water sports. This can help my targeted audience on having good quality family session.          Sun path of the located Site Map is important for most of the residents that are going to reside there. (Fig. 4) will be a sun-path mapping to allow residents to understand the flow of the sun through out the day. The flow of the sun path allows me to create a new facility for my target audience (retiring elderlies) to grow and take care of vegetation of their own infant of their home directly below their block.              (Fig.

5) is an image showing the located site and Jurong Lake Park before development occur. The large area of the park allows many activities to be created by relative department. The Area could allow targeted audience to live a more stress free life and enjoy the views and scenery of the park. However, access to the park from the site could be improved.

(Fig. 6) shows a sheltered walkway of Block 332 to the nearest bus stop and that Jurong Lake Park is just directly opposite of block 332 Bus Stop. The Empty spaces of the plains beside the walkway can be converted to the above suggestion, Vegetation garden. (Fig.

7) shows the population chart of Jurong and is vital for further research or exploration.          As the targeted site are for retiring elderlies and retired elderlies, many aspects of the site must be take note. (Fig. 9) is the floor tiling of the ground level lift lobby and it cause a potential threat to the elderlies. The Tiling are especially slippery when it rains and should be change when redeveloping the site. (Fig. 10) is the flooring of the ground level and a drainage. Although yellow Paint work are done on the higher elevated ground for the drainage to be in between, they should improve the ground flooring by elevating the inner floor higher so that the water would not seep in and smoothen the exterior flooring the inner ground flooring by slightly steep the exterior flooring the exterior drains.

This will allow elderlies to have a more convenient way of accessing around the site.           I also found out that the site are not lighted properly at night time. The above images (Fig. 8 & 9) are adjusted for their lightings. Lightings must be changed and added to support the target audience with a clear vision of whats ahead to prevent any accidents to occur. Below are Site images which might be helpful for further research and explorations.(Fig 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)              Literature ReviewLiterature Review    The Addressed issues is stated as working adults and teenagers nowadays does not goes to the exercise corner to keep and maintain their body fit and the few key points on why is that the facilities are not enough for them to make use of and most of the gym has closing hours. Many residents aged from 16 – 40 years old often goes to the gym as they have much more facilities.

To solve this issue, exercise corners can increase in additional area which are targetted for residents aged from 16 -40 years old. The focused exercise corner must be created to attract teenagers and working adults to make use of the facility. Case Studies (Local & Overseas)Changing health pattern in Singapore     The transition in health patterns of Singapore’s population over the last half century can be attributed to the country’s rapid economic progress, improved healthcare, and aging population. Since the mid 1960s, Singapore’s economy has grown and become one of the world’s most prosperous nation. Although Singapore underwent an epidemiological transition from a pattern of high prevalence of infectious diseases because of the economic security, more and more Singaporeans started to focus more on their career and hence neglecting their own body fitness.

Health Promotion Board formed a strategic plan to promote healthy populations by setting exercise or runs through school, workplace, industry and community. Source: http://pacifichealthsummit. orgExercise Associated Issues (Sheffield)     The majority of the community members do not play any sport. Nearly half of the community do not exercise for more than thirty minutes at a time and a similar proportion of it have difficulties in accessing sports and leisure facilities. The address issued was an overall lack of sports and leisure facilities, a limited range of suitable facilities appropriate to respond to local need, poor quality of existing facilities, a lack of access to adequate facilities and a lack of support to encourage people to use facilities. Evidence are there to support the role of physical activity in the promotion of good health, although there is less robust evidence from systematic reviews on the effectiveness of interventions to promote exercise uptake.

Source: http://extra. shu. ac. uk/ndc/downloads/reports/RR33. pdfResearch Methodology Research Methodology          The gathering of information is needed to answer specific questions. Systematic investigation of materials and sources are needed to establish facts and reach a new conclusion.

Carefully study the particular subject, topic or a problem will help with the research. On the exploratory side is to find out about things that we do not know much about and to describe events and issues that are currently happening in our society. The few types of research are formative, emic, quantitative and qualitative and applied techniques.     The research methodology that I am going to choose is to use quantitative and qualitative method and to conduct on surveying. Qualitative Research is primarily exploratory research. It is used to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations. By doing qualitative research, I can get insights into the problem that lay beneath on why the exercise corner are so under-utilised and helps to develops idea for hypothesis for potential quantitative research.

Qualitative Research allows to uncover trends in thoughts and opinions so as to dice deeper into the problem. Common methods of developing qualitative researches are focused group discussion, individual interviews, and observations.     The other research methodology, quantitative research is used to quantify the problem by generating numerical data that can be transformed into unstable statistics.

I can use this research method to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviour and other defined variables. Quantitative research uses measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research. Quantitative research are way more structured than qualitative research by their structured data results. Quantitative data collection includes various forms of survey, paper surveys, face to face short interviews, longitudinal studies, online polls and systematic observations.   The targeted audience are aged from 65 Years Old and above. The reason on why I am going to do a survey on them is to understand why and what do they face or refrain from being restricted on exercising regularly and this could be used to design out the focused space on adding the additional facilities which are targeted for them. Next are 10 Questionnaires which are design and targetted to collect data from a range of target audience below to receive their feedbacks, opinions and mindset of the exercise corner to better utilise it on a daily basis.

10 Questionnaires Do you think it is important to exercise to keep your body fit? 2) What do you find about the current exercise facilities being provided? 3) What are you good in? Are you willing to share some experience with the younger generation? 4) Are the facilities’ accessibility convenient for you? 5)What are the other factors that refrained you from manipulating it? 6) Do you think that a focus exercised area targetted for you will attract you to exercise or work out ? 7) How often do you exercise per week? 8) What strategy do you think that will encourage residents to use the facilities? 9) What kind of opportunities will intrigue you to start exercising constantly? 10) What are your thoughts on the future proposed planning explained to you? ConclusionConclusion       In conclusion, I would like people to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent sickness intruding our own immunity system by exercising constantly through out the time. I understand that a lot of the working adults and teenager would find going to a gym a hassle and the equipments and facilities that are near them are not sufficient for them to work out or exercise hence neglecting constant exercise. A percentage of the working adults or teenagers now have low immune system and often catch a cold easily and they normally does not exercise at all.

Preventive measures help us to avoid difficulties in life and its also a much more cheaper technique than going to the doctor. It will saves more time, health, effort and cost before we even fall sick.     The targetted age group normally stays up the night to complete their work and hence making their body and health slowly degenerate. I do understand that sometimes the they have to do lots of work and will be tired once they had reached home. However, by setting aside probably 30 minutes to a hour to exercise actually doesn’t interfere much of their own time.

As the saying goes “ Prevention is always better than cure”, If our problems reached a great extent that they cannot be controlled through the prevention methods, they need to be treated and cured well through medicines or other type of treatment. If we take the initiative to set up preventions, we become safe otherwise we have to take the help of cure.      There is need to detect the root of cause of problems before we start the treatment of one’s problem.

Therefore, I suggest that we should come out with a strategic plan to attract the targeted audience to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Life is very short and everyone of us should enjoy it. Nevertheless, it is only possible when we are healthy as it will helps to clear our mind from having anxious thoughts on our own health issues and it will eventually be a valuable present for our human life.

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Currently, people approaching retirement age or needing such support, social connection and specialised forms of accommodation are faced with a number of choices. These range from remaining at home and relying on family or third party providers; modifying their current environment; to specialised forms of housing that provide all these elements. 1. 2 Objective1. 3 Target Audience1. 4 Approximate Height & Area Coverage