Iphone and samsung essay sample

I-phone 6 Commercial Ad

The ad is about forty seconds long. In the video, the new iPhone 6 is displayed and some of the features it has are shown in the video. The ad has background music that plays from the start to the end of the video. However, there are no vocals but it is a form of a melody. Some of the features are displayed such as the apps present in the phone. The features clearly shown in the videos include the YouTube function of the phone and access to social network sites such as twitter. The only physical attributes that are shown are the side buttons of the iPhone. Further, use of the iPhone 6 one can access the daily information on the various actives in the local newspaper websites, which can link to YouTube in case of any videos present.

Samsung Galaxy Note Commercial

This commercial is approximately one minute long. This ad also features the Samsung gear watch. It combines a musical song in the background and a melody. The ad starts with a message “ Design your life”. The commercial also includes a woman who uses the Samsung galaxy and the gear to handle her life activities. She moves to different locations. Some of the features that can be used in the Samsung galaxy phone are shown such as using the map app to find the venue of an event, provide music for a show and with recording capabilities of the phone. Additionally, the watch has an alarm function that seems to be synchronized with the phone for notification purposes.


One of the most notable differences between the two commercial ads is the human element. In the iPhone ad, the only part of a human seen is the hand that is used to pick the iPhone. Further, the Samsung ad has incorporated different individuals using the Samsung galaxy note towards the end of the ad. Further, the iPhone 6 ad only shows a two features to use in the IPhone 6 and they are all web-based features such as the use of social media and watching videos via YouTube. For the Samsung Galaxy ad, multiple features are shown such as video recording, music capabilities, use of map apps, synchronizing abilities with the Samsung Gear watch and the ability to edit and post videos online. The Samsung ad message at the start and end of the video seems to resonate well with the content of the video. However, for the iPhone 6 commercial, the only message is displayed towards the end of the videos and does not seem to make a lot of sense based on the content of the video.


The Samsung ad seems to stand out more. It provides a more meaningful message that a willing buyer or user of the product can easily identify with and use. Further, the developers of the video ad seem to have taken a lot of time to develop such a video unlike the iPhone which seems to have been mainly done in a room and using a computer only. This then means that cost implications for the Samsung ad were higher than that for the iPhone ad. Samsung have also taken the effort to show that some of their other products can be customized to work with their phones, which may be a form of marketing strategy to increase their sales of other products.

Video links

Samsung link: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v= 2o3deMH42HA
iPhone link: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v= 6xXuSMFGnlk