Is abortion morally justified essay

The issue concerning abortion is considered to divide many individuals, it tends to be fought over the point in which a foetus (an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception) becomes an independent life that has its own values: before birth or after conception. “ To my mind life begins at the moment of conception, and to suggest otherwise seems to me just the sort of casuistry which an anti-Papist might describe as fesuitical. Incidentally, I am not myself a Roman Catholic. ) Conception is the magic moment .

.. ” Grigg, John (29 October 1973) Guardian. In contrast Wells goes onto say “ I do not believe a fertilized ovum is human life in the commonsense meaning of the term: I belief human life begins at birth. Or more technically, when a foetus is sufficiently developed to be capable of living if removed from the mother’s womb. ” Wells, Dee. (29 Oct 1973) Guardian.

Currently, an abortion can be carried out less evasively with the use of a pill during the very early stages of a pregnancy. Test can also be carried out to determine any life limiting medical abnormalities within a foetus in which a parent may decide to abort, however are these advances in the scientific field making it easier and simpler to becoming parents to abort at early stages of pregnancy or is it allowing a better life for the parents. These are just some simple conflicts, there is a genuine conflict between the two parties either for or against abortion; the arguments centralize to at which point does a foetus become ‘ independent’ enough to be considered to be put before the mother. The first point to consider, as previously mentioned is at which point can someone call a foetus a ‘ real being’, there are many views held concerning the morality of the procedure. Some people may feel that a foetus is a human being from the moment of conception therefore having n abortion is simply cold blooded murder.

However, others would argue that a foetus depends entirely on the mothers’ body to survive, without in which it cannot survive. It is from this definition that pro-abortionists support women who decide to undergo abortions, they also believe as a foetus is small in insignificant it therefore does not and should not have the same rights and privileges as a real human. If the foetus has no rights, then abortion is a non-issue.