Is christian morality today too lenient

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Morality is a personal or social set of standards for good or bad behavior and character, or the quality of being right, honest or acceptable. It is characteristically the way you make decisions based on what you think is right or wrong. It is this same principle that today is affecting the Christian Population. Christians are being tormented with daunting questions such as: Am I doing the right thing? Should I do the right thing even though it may end up affecting me? How come nonbelievers get to have fun and I can’t?

Just because I attend church and I am a Christian, does it mean that I have to do what the church says? on a daily basis. Christian morality hasn’t changed and should not ever change. It is a constant. The New Testament reminds us that Christian Morality is a contract with God and mankind. In fact, Leviticus 19 says that we should follow his commandments and be moral; not to steal, not to lie, not to commit adultery etc. if we plan to get to heaven. However, this warning seems to be considered a fraud due the amount of people who subscribe to these laws seem to diminish every day.

This, therefore, gives reason to my opinion that Christian morality is having a tough time surviving due to its leniency. As compared to years past, the principle of Christian morality has been taken advantage of. People tend to make decisions now based on social pressures and what they feel will be accepted. They believe that because the entire world is doing something, they should too or else they would be considered an outcast. Therefore, they end up making their decisions in vacuums, without a solid base.

In the past, the church, the society, parents and elders had an input in guiding and helping in the decision making process of its young people. In fact, Christian Morality can be considered too tolerant as compared to the adjective lenient. For example, many people watch things in movies and television that they shouldn’t, sometimes hangout with the wrong people and think nothing of a hearing a dirty joke or something similar. They put worldly things before God- sports, entertainment, people, and their needs. A very common example in Belize is the willingness among teenagers to engage in sexual activity in spite of heir Christian moral values.

Even though the Christian church has certain rules that its followers should follow, teenagers ignore them and turn on their good Christian morals. The same with themusic; Christian music has meaning but because of wanting to attract youths, they use the rhythm of secular music. This cheap tactic works; however, youths are attracted to the sound of the music rather than the message. We live in a society of carnality, brutality and mortality since ourmotivationstems from our longing for “ comfort”, ” convenience” and ” pleasure”.

In order to achieve this, people who practice to be moral are attacked and made irrelevant. Those who defend past principles and try to practice their traditional Christian values are being put down and becoming an insignificant minority. Liberal institutions condemn the church for its Christian moral values and try to instill in our youths immorality and unethical values. I believethat the Christian Church need not change their morals but try to become stricter while still keeping their traditional values and hopefully a spark of hope will be lit.