It makes me smile

“ SCHOOL” the word that hits every grown human out there in this modern world in the face with a smile….. A part of life every person would give all the time they have for….. A place where maths turns into a monster and play ground becomes heaven….. It is the place where all the great things that are known to man now was blossomed….. A world where your first day starts with your tears when you never want togo to that place , but eventually ended up crying to leave that place after 16 long and happy years ….. A place where one learns what life is what love means to one another what care is all about and most importantly what “ FRIENDSHIP” stands for…It is the time when life is as easy as it gets but realise it only when we are done with it….. The time which gives us our first BFF our first LOVE and most importantly our first foe…. It is the place where copying becomes a talent and learning becomes sword fight….. I know we all will anything that’s possible ours to re-live those years of our school life…. Even if all need all that we have but I sure won’t hesitate to give all that I have now…. Coz u know why??? It’s worth giving!!!!