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This report is a Research Report prepared as a requirement for “ Business Research” course of MBA Program of the Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka. The primary goal of research report is to provide an opportunity to implement theoretical knowledge and conceptions in real life situation. All the things are reflect the objectives of the topic.

Citibank N. A. is the number one foreign private bank in Bangladesh. In a relatively short period of time, it has become one of the industry’s most powerful platforms for financial products and services. Citi Trade Services Unit is one of the large profit makers in Bangladesh during the Global Economic Crisis. In this report, we have focused on the level of customers’ satisfaction on its current Trade Operations.

As a requirement for the Course no. 503 of the MBA program we need to submit this report, which includes an overview of the organization and elaboration of a project. The study is conducted and prepared under the guidance of my honorable course instructor Dr. Shahid Uddin Ahmed.


The topic of the report is “ The Insight of Customer Satisfaction Level on Trade Operation: Citibank, N. A. [Dhaka] Perspective.

To analyze this topic we have chosen the “ Trade Service Department of Citibank, N. A, Dhaka.” as a platform where we have done some analysis to fulfill the requirement of our research and to apply the theoretical knowledge in practical area.


This report is aimed to study the customer attitude and brand preferences on trade operations of Citibank, N. A. and conduct an in-depth study to assess their satisfaction level. The other objectives are to give a brief view of the Citigroup, Citibank and its operations (particularly in Bangladesh) from the viewpoint of a neutral observer, to explore how Citi Trade service supports the export-import business of Bangladesh and to give an idea about the products and procedures of Trade Operations of Citibank N. A. Bangladesh.

The specific objectives behind conducting this study are as follows:

The main focus of this study is to identify the potencies and problems of Citi Trade Services by analyzing both employees and customers.

To figure out how an exporter/importer can be benefited by taking the support of Citi Trade Services from customer point of view.

To analyze the customer approach and their level of satisfaction on trade operations.

To find out the solutions to solve the problems with implementation strategies through which Citi Trade Service Management can draw attention to those problems.


This report is significant, as it will help Citibank to determine the factors, which actually influence the customer to be satisfied to the organization and also the level of satisfaction. From this study, the Relationship Managers (RM) will get the benefit of the customers’ opinions and based on that, the management will have the opportunity to adjust their “ customer benefit” strategies. Thus Citibank will be able to give more customer service through their products. This report sheds light into areas of the banks trade operation where it needs to play some roles. And this study will help them in policy making of customer related benefits as a reference. The company can also have an in-depth understanding of customer approach on trade operations of Citibank, N. A.


This report gives a narrative overview of the Citigroup, Citibank and its Trade operation in Bangladesh. And it also covered the regulatory framework under which export-import business and export-import banking is going on. This report covers the theoretical knowledge of courses of- Bank Management, Insurance and Risk management, International Trade, Management of Multinational Enterprises, Organization Behavior, IndustrialPsychology, Marketing Management and BusinessCommunicationand Computing Fundamentals for preparing report. Any development of Citibank thereafter is out of the scope of the report. This report explains the client satisfaction on trade operations. However, since various trade information are sensitive and confidential in nature such information is kept out of the report scope. The substance presented in this study are not be applicable anywhere outside Citibank, N. A and are not be used anywhere except University of Dhaka and Citibank, N. A.


Though we tried our level best to produce a comprehensive and well-organized report on “ The Insight of Customer Satisfaction Level on Trade Operation: Citibank, N. A. [Dhaka] Perspective”. Some limitations were yet present. While conducting this research on Citibank, N. A., we have faced with some constrains which we think might interfere with the quality and accuracy of this report. For example:

First and the main constraint of this report is Time shortage. As we have submitted this report within very few days, it is very short time to make any research of an organization. The analysis is based on some limited data, so it has become difficult to draw a complete figure. The most elementary limitation of this study is the limited number of respondents interviewed. The objectives hold significant importance for the bank but the number of clients itself is small. The results can be justified further if the number of respondents can include all the present clients. While the clients were interviewed many of them were unwilling to talk freely.

Some of the respondents in my survey weren’t helpful; some of them weren’t honest in their opinions. Some information is confidential and the managers and officers do not provide that information. The official website doesn’t provide up-to-date information about some issues. There was lack of intellectual thought and analytical ability to make it the most perfect one. I have to offset with the quality due to time constraint.


The report is structured in the following ways:

CHAPTER-1: INTRODUCTION- Deals with defining the topic and also the origin, reasons, platform and objectives of choosing the topic to prepare the report.

CHAPTER-2: LITERATURE REVIEW- Gives some basic knowledge of trade, customer satisfaction and CRM which are used as basis for analyzing the report.

CHAPTER-3: PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION – Presents an overview of the organization itself: Citibank N. A., Bangladesh. Starting from the global position of Citigroup, this part gradually comes down to describe the country operations of the bank.

CHAPTER-4: CITI TRADE SERVICE- Covers various trade operations of Citibank N. A. Almost every aspect of trade operation procedures are described in this report that encompasses issues, which are practiced worldwide, but new for Bangladesh. The report has been presented in the way that a person can get an overall idea about the trade operations of Citibank N. A. Bangladesh.

CHAPTER-5: METHODOLGY OF RESEARCH- Data, sources, procedures and mechanism used to make survey for analytical part of the report.

CHAPTER-6: FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION- Covers mainly the analytical part of this report and also analyzing various issues on Citi trade Departments including SWOT analysis on overall trade service department. This also provides understanding of customer approach on trade operations of Citibank, N. A.

CHAPTER-7: RECOMMENDATION AND CONCLUSION- To solve the problems regarding to Citi Trade Services, Bangladesh.