John locke assignment

John Locke was a role model to many and influenced many varieties of people some may say that he was self-involved within himself to make himself look better. They also might say that he used the people to only get the government he wanted for himself. John Locke, a man of liberty and Justness, was resolved in some parliament and kings eyes, a flake because he went against their preaching. They concluded him to be wrong for his thoughts on heightening the enlightenment. They would try to sabotage him any way they could.

The people that were there for their ins in every way possible would include hurtful words on how John Locke should be stopped. The legislatures with unjust government would also say that he was full of it, Just for “ publicity. Though they can say and did say all these things, the fact remains that John Locke helped build the enlightenment up and he brought the people up from lower standards. To not only have a say, but a title, John Locke contributed to the growth of the enlightenment. That brought to light how the John Locke resolved issues among the people and higher power.

His ideas of life, liberty, ND land helped the people to to conclude that they should encounter themselves as higher people and not Just slaves, or farmers, or lower beings. He believed in the people as a whole and wanted the Justness to be for everyone and not Just the rich people with more rights. That’s what had made the law unfair for the people and unjust. Through John Locked gains and wins of heightening the enlightenment, he was able to create a positive influence on how the lives of people today have changed because of his effects and influences during the enlightenment John Locke By Schoolhouses