Journal of marketing – consumer behavior assignment

Consumer Behavior 1 Ch6&7 GROUP AND FAMILY INFLUENCE ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Family Decision Making Family decision making is the process by which decisions that directly or indirectly involve two or more family members are made. Family Purchase Roles Determinants of Family Purchase Roles Conflict Resolution Consumer Socialization and Marketing to Children 2 Family Decision Making Roles: Initiator Information gatherer Influencer Decision maker Purchaser User Type Husband-dominant Wife-dominant Joint Child-dominant Other combination Consumer Socialization Consumer socialization is the process by which young people acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes relevant to their functioning as consumers in the marketplace. The family provides the basic framework in which consumer socialization occurs. Must understand both the content and the process of consumer socialization. Consumer socialization content refers to what children learn with respect to consumption. Consumer socialization process refers to how they learn it. 4 Consumer Socialization

The Content of Consumer Socialization Consist of three categories: 1. Consumer skills 2. Consumption-related preferences Consumption3. Consumption-related attitudes Consumption- 5 Consumer Socialization The Process of Consumer Socialization 1. Instrumental training 2. Modeling 3. Mediation 6 Reference Group Influence A reference group is a group whose presumed perspectives or values are being used by an individual as the basis for his/her current behavior. 7 Communications within Groups and Opinion Leadership

Opinion Leaders An opinion leader is the “ go to person” for specific types of information. This person filters, interprets, and passes along information. Opinion leadership is category specific An opinion leader in one product category is often an opinion seeker in others. Opinion leaders possess enduring involvement for specific product categories. This leads to greater knowledge and expertise. 8 Communications within Groups and Opinion Leadership Mass Communication Information Flows 9