La rondalla de saltillo concert report

Their music is about romantic ballad songs in their discography they have special albums for example Mexican songs, ballad songs, tropical, and trio. They are very known by their own style with 10 or 12 singers. The grouping is a total of 17 musicians in live.

They use very common chords, and some rhythms are easy, but not all. They Just use acoustic guitars and a instrument called in Mexico tololoche, is like bass but acoustic and big. This kind of music is very cultural because it promotes the culture, peace, love. They promote learn to play guitar or something musical that is amazing.

They are an example that the Mexican cultural music exists in our times, and to continue remembering our musical roots, it says who we are.

The rondalla has its origins in the playing bands from Spain (as well as ‘ New Spain’, namely Mexico) that were forerunners of the present-day rondalla and included four types: groups of young men who played and sang regularly in front of homes, bands f musicians known as murza or murga who begged for alms, a group of musicians known as comparza who played on stage, and groups of university musicians known as estudiantina, dubbed “ tuna”.

The usual musical instruments used by estudiantina members were mandolins, violins, guitars, flutes, cellos, basses, tambourines, castanets, and triangles. Estudiantina musicians in Spain and Mexico, before and during the age of musical romanticism, wore 16th century attire such as “ short velvet reeches, ornate shirts and a short cape with multicolored Today, rondallas are more modern and expressive, using lyrics that are vibrant, yet still keep with the traditional theme of melancholy love and evening serenades.

Currently, there are many groups in Spain (such as ‘ La Rondalla Sierra AlmiJara’ and ‘ La Rondalla de la Costera’), and Mexico (such as ‘ La Rondalla de Saltillo’, ‘ La Rondalla Voces del Corazon’) and United States (‘ La Rondalla del Sagrado Corazon’ de Richmond) that carry on the tradition[3]