Leadership descriptive essay

Leadership in today’s daily life is very important and needed.

We just need more people to take initiative and begin leading when a circumstance calls for it. Without leaders we wouldn’thave control and order in life leadership is just necessary, we just need more people to take action. And young adults could be the best way to begin having better leaders in our lives now and in the future. Any teen can become a leader, we just need to develop some necessary skills to achieve this. Leadership in today’s life is becoming hard to be expressed, as well as appreciated.

Teens can easily be leaders in a situation where the event is not to a good cause, but they can have a difficult time showing leadership skills in a situation where it is called for an for a good reason. This is because teens become shy or embarrassed to do something right due to the fact that they are afraid of what their friends might say. Leadership requires practice and there are few opportunities for us to practice this skill and if there is an opportunity we don’t take advantage of it. Any teen can become a leader, we just need to develop the skills and we can do this very easily. We just need to develop/learn specific skills. Leadership requires the skills of honesty, communication, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, inspiration, and care for others.

With developing or showing more of these skills we as teens can easily become leaders. Although it might be difficult for some of us teens because we tend to care only for ourselves and what is best for us. But if we could make better choices, we could become great leaders. Leadership is very important, valued, and respected here in America, we just don’t show the best of it, but we can change that. If we can get more teens to become leaders as of now, we can hope to have a greater future.

Leadership is correlated with daily life events, and especially success in the workplace. So, leadership is a major deal to become successful, as well. As we can tell leadership is pretty big and can make a huge impact on anyone’s life. We just decide not to show leadership, and if we do we usually don’t do it with the best intention. We can use leadership in a harmful or good way, and if we change that harmful way into good leadership we can make this world a better place, and anyone could do his. So like I said any teen can become a leader, we just need to develop some necessary skills to achieve this and we will be all set.