Learning objectives

Learning Objectives The learning objectives that I would like achieve for a on nutrition will be: First, by the end of course, the learner will be able to identify nutritive foods from junk foods. Second, after the training period, the learner will have the knowledge of the three types of food groups and have the ability to demonstrate how each group is of importance to the body. Finally, at the end of course, the student will be able to organise a meal time-table for all age groups i. e. infants, adolescents, adults, the elderly, the sick.
A view into the behavioural statement: given a paragraph of ten sentences, the student will be able to identify ten rules of grammar used in its construction. It contrasts with the learning outcome: the students will reliably determine the ability to use the conventions of grammar when creating a paragraph in that; the behavioural objective is a statement of intent unlike the learning outcome which is a demonstration of performance. The learning outcome is an achievement of various learning experiences where as the behavioural objective is a description of a specific, detailed behaviour which is identifying the rules of grammar (Arreola 3).
Considering the learning objective: after the class, the learner will be able to describe affirmative action and to describe three factors, which promote affirmative action, in the work place, with the learning outcome: that at the end of the lecture, the student will achieve the ability to demonstrate and develop affirmative action programs within a work place environment (Arreola 5). The learning objective clearly a statement of intent, and again it clearly specifies the ability, and skill the student will achieve which is to define and promote the affirmative action. On the other hand, the learning outcome is a demonstration of performance whereby the learner can develop affirmative actions in the working environment (Arreola 6).
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