Leisure travel and tourism

Question During the time of economic downturn, several efforts have been implemented by San Francisco government to build and restore economic opportunity for future. Cruising has become a pivotal opportunity for San Francisco to increase the revenue.
According to recent Economic Impact study, $31 million revenue is generated annually from cruise industry. Cruise is the growing sectorwhich has the capacity of doubling the rate of tourism in the port of San Francisco.
Question 2
The unique blend of art and history of the 15th century has changed the current travel industry. Local tavern is an inn for travelers. Tourist from all over the world requires a place for chilling and hangout. The history of local tavern has influenced the growth of travel industry.
The establishment of tavern created a place for travelers in existing industry to enjoy served food and drink beverages.
Question 3
Cruising is the faster growing segment of adventure travel. Since 1980, the annual growth rate of the cruise industry has increased to 8%. The cruise itinerary, facilities and the onboard service are main elements of cruise experience.
It is the fastest growing segment which estimated that more than 13. 5 fueled the vacation experience of passengers.
Question 4
American Society of travel Agents is a trade association and leading global advocate for the travel industry. It is the world’s largest association which provides enhanced professionalism and effective representation for selling travel products.
Question 5
Hotel amenities are basically the additional benefits provided to the motel and hotel.
Examples of hotel amenities are internet access, kitchen facilitates, towels, personal items, dining, etc. hotel services is the service provided to the customer by staffs. It can also be regarded as the maintenance of hospitality with guests.
Question 6
My preferred choice of cabin would be cabins with balconies. It is also known as verandas. This cabin is large and spacious. And most important part is the ocean view.
The most pleasant part is enjoying morning sunrise by sitting in the balcony. These cabins have the option of sliding doors and glass.
Question 7
Anglo-Eastern Technical Service (AETS) is a training academy which offers range of services, such as plan approval, naval architecture, vessel inspection surveys, life extension programs, etc.
AETS provides marine consultancy and technical expertise. It is helps to provide surveys on pre-purchase inspection and condition of ships.
Question 8
Exhibition is the organization presentation which denotes the idea of display and showing of selected items. Fair is the display of goods or trade produce to the gathered people. It denotes the idea of selling, displaying and entertainment.
For example in agricultural show, products are displayed to the consumers. Products can be showcase of latest machinery.
Question 9
Dungeness crab preparations can be considered as popular regional dishes in the town.
Apart from fast-food products, people of this town love to eat sea-foods. It is a seasonal food-stuff and the natives love the preparations of these sea foods.
Question 10
Sustainability is how forests and healthy wetlands remain productive and diverse. It is something to take initiatives instantly without thinking the future potential for people. Sustainable activity can continue forever.
Question 11
Positive thinking, healthy emotional balance, increased fitness and health are the four commonalities of all adventure.
Wine tasting is the sensory examination of perceiving the aroma and flavors of a wine. This increases sensory senses and lead to healthy and fit body. Safari is a journey to hunt or observe animals. The increase of fitness and healthy emotional balance is due to long travel.