Leslie silko’s “yellow woman” essay

In yellow woman and beauty of the spirit Leslie Silko knew she was different looking because of her mixed ancestry yellow woman helped realized that looking different was an advantage.

Silko expresses how old people look at the world in a more spirit manner by “ taken into consideration the way people behave, and the way people interact with one another”(Silko, 398). Basically as the author says, people of age seemed to look at the world very different because for them a person is worthy is the spirit is clean. Leslie silko in yellow woman learned to accept her differences, because as Silko was taught by the elders, the most important thing in a person is the spirit and human behavior, which sometime led them to commit heroic acts. In other words, Silko’s childhood represents the base of her way of thinking and her way of looking at the world as a place where people must live in harmony and to support each other. Moreover, Silko had looked at individuals with more perception because the value of a person can be seen when he interacts with another one, thus the true beauty is reflected through the beauty and spirit. Conversely, the old-time adults were not so much interested about physical appareances, these factors helped to yellow woman to be stronger.

Threfore, Silko concluded that the spirit of kochininako (the yellow woman) was beautiful thanks to her. Also, she understood and celebrate accepting the differences between Laguna pueblo and Western people because even though they were very different from one another, both showed a perspective of life in the world. Basically, Western people appreciated the work done by men and the importance of he being more valuable in society, whereas for Laguna people everyone is vital and an important piece on the growth of them as a whole.