Letter of intent- acceptance to program

1) What are your career goals? My career goal is to one day be a chiropractor who can aid people without invasive medical procedures or prescription medications. Ideally, I would be in charge of my own practice and would be well-known throughout the community for being a kind and caring chiropractor. I would like to give back to the community by offering my services for free to those who desperately need it the most. Entering the Applied Physiology and Kinesiology Program at the University of Florida would allow me to pursue my dreams and fulfil the promise that I have shown from a very early age.
2) How will this degree assist you in achieving your career goals?
A Bachelors degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with specialization in wellness and fitness would give me an exceptional understanding of biomechanics, the prevention of injuries, and how lifestyle choices can affect someone’s body. These skills will help my preparation to enter the Graduate Chiropractic program at Palmer College of Chiropractics in Port Orange, Florida. Finally, my education from both the University of Florida and Palmer College will assist me in entering the alternative medicine field as a chiropractor.
3) Describe any volunteer hours, work, and other experiences that have contributed to your personal or academic development.
For over eight years I have played roller hockey. This sport taught me dedication and sportsmanship. In addition to this, I tutored an elementary student for two years while I was in high school. Through this experience I learned how to be patient and communicate clearly with people younger than I. Currently, I’m volunteering at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Gainesville. I am situated in the physical therapy department. This area gives me direct insight into how rehabilitation and injury care work. Furthermore, I am shadowing Dr. Mark Chance at Chance Chiropractic in Gainesville. This job has shown me exactly what a chiropractor does in their daily work environment. More specifically, they have let me observe communication between the doctor and the patients. This is a very important skill in a healthcare setting.