Letter of intent graduate school for mba

Letter of intent graduate school for MBA I intend to take pursue MBA. I am an industrious person with high self-organization and the capability to counter and cope with stress and pressure in my working environment. My capability qualifies me to be one of the best visionary and innovative individuals with a mentality of changing the current system in business administration. My enthusiasm and hard work in the past academic progressions is proof of my prudence. As a student, I prioritize excellence with special attention to great work and determination. My capabilities credentials and hard work qualifies me to fit working in a busy business organization. I continually seek opportunities for enhancing and upgrading my knowledge and experiences through application of skills acquired in my education to help me sharpen my experiences with regardless to challenges.
I am exceedingly interested to work in an environment of business management, and it is best for me to attain advanced knowledge in this field as I find it interesting. Given the opportunity, would tap into my originality and enable me acquire more awareness of instituting innovative ways of handling challenges in the business field. I foresee the chance for graduate study to be a source of thrust for enhancing success in my career development. As a hardworking person with a passion for pursuing and attaining my dreams as a specialist business expertise, it is my belief that I am qualified to pursue the graduate program to increase my career ambitions. My level of professionalism will ensure tidy work done with competence to ensure good time management to cater for quantitative and qualitative production level.
The momentum for pursuing the graduate program originates from my quest to progress in knowledge in the field and become one of the best business administrators. As such, I would transform the business field through pioneering solutions crafted out of my preparation at the institution. My ambition will be based on improvement of business organization by providing quality services to both the customers and the organization involved. My aim is to cater for the provision of quality services which will boost the level of business at all levels.
Once through with the graduate program, I would utilize the qualification for the achievement of my financial goals and instituting a competitive business firm bringing it to the lime light of the competitive world. I am ready to improve my capabilities as a business administrator. Moreover, I would share my acquired knowledge to give back to the society through mentorship drives of new entrants and those aspiring to venture into the field. If offered a chance, I commit to making the best out of it through continuation of industrious work and focus on attaining my goals to improve the society.
Once chance will be provided to me, I apply all possible right ways to improve and provide quality work that will boost my career and general management skills. Being a self directive and a determined individual, I am looking forward to achieving the very best in my pursuance of MBA.