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Building construction: principles, materials, and systems Masonry Materials are considered one of the oldest materials used in the construction of buildings. One of the masonry materials kind i. e., sun – dried bricks were used in 8000 bc. Stone masonry can be traced back to early Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations which belong to the era of 3000bc. Steel and Portland cement were discovered in the mid- nineteenth century. Masonry stones were used in every building element i. e., walls, columns, beams, arches, roofs and floors.
Masonry materials were the most reliable and useful materials used in the construction. One of the most widely used masonry materials was plastic masonry because to plastic is water resistant. It is ability of the mortar to retain water without letting it bleed out.
The masonry unit which is found in all the masonry materials has three types of dimensions
Specified dimensions
Nominal Dimensions
Actual Dimensions
The specified dimension of the masonry unit is the finished dimension that the consumer has requested and the manufacturer desires to achieve, the nominal dimension of a unit is the specified dimension which refers to the space occupied by one unit in the wall.
This material is the testament to the durability and aesthetics of stone. It is widely used in the construction of skyscrapers; it is uniquely audited for cladding and significant buildings.
Thus, to conclude, it can be said that the masonry materials are one of the important materials in the history of architecture, its bright history and unique properties makes its study important in todays era.
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