Literature review on comparative essay

World literature may be defined as how the art of writing goes beyond its originality to the achievement of new life which is dependent of new nations, languages and traditions. The world literature has undergone adverse changes following the continuous advances of times, which have become influential of situations (Damrosch, 2003). There are various factors that may indicate the cause of changes for situations in the global literature. A comparison for different pictorial stories may bring out the concrete understanding of what the world literature has become and how issues surrounding the element have shaped its wellbeing to administer excellence in the world literature. This helps in outlining various factors that may exists in the world literature.
Initially the world literature was meant for delivering a message plainly in form of writing. Authors believed that messages should be delivered in an extremely plain and clear manner. This is by ensuring that people have a plain understanding of a story without developing a clear image from the story. Although, people could have understood the meaning of the story by reading through the plain lines of the narrative it did not create the intense meaning to readers. Having a close look at the picture stories given in the assignment there is a unique writing trait that has been portrayed.
One of the main traits is creativity. One of the main traits of a good writer is creativity. By this, it should be clear that the narrator needs be an individual with extensive exposure to new ideas and ability to fix them to a point where they may lead to a unique story. Creativity is achieved when a writer has the strength to move out of the normal phase of a story to a more organized and literally workable writing style (Childs, 2000). In the four stories, authors have managed to develop outstanding topics considerate of the kind of image they would like to print in the minds of the audience. They have managed to introduce their narratives in an extremely unique manner indicating that each of them had an approach to creativity and originality.
The other element that affirms the success of a narration is the choice of words. This refers to the ability to use certain words that are sensitive and may only be used for a particular situation. The four stories revolve around relationships between men and women, which may be summarized as love affairs. They have considered various words which four authors are extremely keen on the sort of words they use in their writing. For example, in the story “ The picture Al uthman” the author says “ Empty, dry glasses stood as tokens of the avid thirst of those who had held them” (Mor, 2005). This is a representation of creativity since the message has been delivered as intended showing that the individuals who were in the party were seriously fed and they enjoyed the party to the full. This is also evident in the “ The answer is no” story where the author says “ She had forgotten him completely. No, not completely”. The words show emphasis in an extremely creative manner. The two completely words have been chosen with the aim of making readers of the story understand that the woman could not have forgotten with her husband at moment. She continued to treasure him even when there were disagreements.
The world literature is well known of adverse literature works by male writers. Men have remained dominant in the literature world with adverse works being written by these individuals. However, the situation has changed there are a lot of women in the literature world who come up with extremely involving topics which make gender a baseless line of segregation of a given group of people from their writing skills. The four stories are written by women who have critically looked at the principles of writing and have developed extremely unique stories to attract readers as well as deliver their messages. This is an indication that the world literature has become modernized by engaging everyone to modern writing methods. These forms of literature have been successful in educating the society that even females can deliver exemplary work in the literature world provided they are given the right resources.
With the narratives being written by women they involve intensive picture of women in the society. Extensive feminism traits have been clearly outlined in the four stories. For example, in the story “ The picture Al uthman” the author says “ this is you and that’s the truth you are trying to ignore. You are a woman of forty five and your husband is still keen on celebrating your birthday as if you are a little girl”. This is an indication that in literature women aim at creating a feminism picture that color their image and how they are represented in the society. In the “ The Picture Al Zayyat” story the author is told “ Tomorrow you will cry blood instead of tears” this shows that women are emotional in nature and even in writing they will have to relay this trait. This may be affirmed in the “ The Picture El Saadawi” story which records “ Her little head was shaking as her gaze swept over body” (Mor, 2005). In the “ The answer is no” story the author also brings out a feminism trait. This may be explained through proper explanation of a phrase from the author that says “ However, she kept silent, uttered not a word, What, she wondered, did his eyes express? His rough hand shook hers, and he said in a gruff voice, ” Thanks.”  She turned elegantly and moved off. ” (Maḥfūẓ, 1999). This is recognition that women were subjected to certain rules.
It is also common that women must always touch on men in their literature work. The issue of ensuring that they engage in evaluation of the strongest gender indicates that they are always ready to work for literature work where men are the topics of the analysis (Eagleton 1991). In the story “ The picture Al uthman” the woman tries to defend her husband who remains extremely caring to her even though she has become extremely old. The woman shows that a man will remain superior even at old age. In the story “ The Picture Al Zayyat” Amal remains an extremely keen on her husband since she indicates that she has learnt very bit of his behavior and she needs to address him in all respect. In the play “ The Picture El Saadawi” this has been indicated Narji requests for her husband’s opinion on her body shape (Mor, 2005). This is an indication that there is extensive respect for a man in the ability to define their women in terms of recognition of their attractive body shapes. In the “ The answer is no” article the author is extremely jovial of the promotion of her teacher to the headmaster level and she respects his special ability in teaching mathematics (Maḥfūẓ, 1999). This affirms that women in modern literature must engage men as superior individuals and women should respect them. However, the campaign for the fact that they are humble should not be mistaken to a weakness (Childs, 2000). They should be accorded ample respect and this is clearly shown through the various forms of arguments they portray in their stories where they consistently guard their reasoning and actions.
The literature in the four stories is founded on an extremely imagery ground. This is indicated through use of various forms of words and languages in trying to indicate the real story. Image represents the real picture or figure of a subject in the story. The four authors have realized that words may be used as art towards crafting the intended storyline. They have used it making the stories confine to the postmodern styles of writing where imagery is extremely respected and people believe in creation of attractive stories through proper representation of figures available in the story.
The other trait that may define these stories is their musical or poetic nature. Having close look at the stories they all have a section where they analyze love between two people. They have been able to employ certain terms which are common in all stories which define them as songs aimed at delivering certain message. The organization of words at some points indicates there is a musical and poetic relationship in all of the four stories.
All the four stories are related in several ways with adverse writing skills being portrayed through the stories. The relationships have been fostered on the forms of writings, use of similar styles as well as respect for various personalities in their writing. This crowns excellence in the development of unique and attractive stories based on the principles of world literature which are influenced by change of times.


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