Lucent technologies report 6846


Lucent Technologies is a company that is focused on being a leader in the field of technology in building a broadband and mobile Internet community that will hopefully make a difference in the way people communicate. Lucent also provides the systems, software, silicon, and services for what has been created as the largest networking company built from the ground up in history. The company is mainly focused on a three-prong system of optical, data, and wireless networking technology style with software and services created to support them.

Lucent was formed from systems and technology units that were formerly a part of AT&T Corporation. Lucent has three reportable segments comprised of Service Provider Networks, Enterprise Networks, and Microelectronics and Communications Technologies. The main headquarters for Lucent Technologies is located in Murray Hill, NJ and employees an estimated 125, 000 throughout the world. Also about a quarter of these employees work outside of the U. S., and the company has regional officers and supply distributors in more than 90 countries around the world. Lucent also owns Bell Labs, which is a world-renowned research and development firm. There are Bell Labs offices in 32 countries, and have earned 11 Nobel laureates since 1937. An astonishing fact is that researchers at Bell Labs receive about 4 patents every day on their findings.

Lucent is the leading worldwide supplier of communications networking equipment, including having a strong leadership position in Internet communities and service providers, optical networks, wireless networks, communications networks involving support and services, communication integrated circuits, and optoelectronic components. Because Lucent is a software powerhouse, two-thirds of Bell Labs is leading the industry in developing next generation software and technology applications.

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