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Product Management: Samsung Looks to Software and Services Samsung Electronics Company has enjoyed dominance in technology through creation of high quality products that outsell all other competitors. The company experiences the pressure of staying on top of the market and is now considering relying more on software and services (Cheng Web). Software and services will add value to the Samsung’s products and further give it a competitive edge. As part of the software development, the company is committed to developing her own software and team up with third party developers.
Samsung has created value for its products and is planning to make her products even more appealing to the wide range of customers they have enjoyed for quite a long time (Cheng Web). By focusing on software and service, the company shall have differentiated her products from the aggressive competitors especially from China. Generally, Samsung accelerates product innovation, maximize her profitability, and is determined to improve design, launch, and support her products.
Samsung has position as the heart, mind, and voice of their worldwide consumers by closely monitoring their behaviors. Samsung works closely with her partners and consumers to understand how the customer behavior and marketplaces evolve. The company believes that the Software will enable their consumers to utilize both their services and devices and even understand consumers’ preference, satisfaction and improve on other areas of weakness (Cheng Web). Samsung believes that by investing in software that will enable the company receive feedback from their customers; they will definitely be smarter and quicken the evolution of the products.
Investing in software will improve sales of Samsung’s hardware. The company plans to develop software that will support their main hardware business thus adding value to the hardware and boosting sales (Cheng Web). Samsung already sells a good number of screens compared to any other company globally and developing support for the hardware will make the company have a very huge platform of distributing their content and services. The company believes that careful and wonderful integration of both the software and hardware will be significant in enabling them sell the best products in the market.
Samsung believes that working with startups will highly create the innovation that the company normally is normally committed to achieving. The company believes in initiating startups by having open discussions with top software and Services Company that will ensure a few people working a breakthrough product. Samsung further commits its resources to R &D just to ensure that they stay at the top through improving on their hardware. It facilitates cross functional teamwork that will see software and service providers working together to integrate software and hardware thus creating more value to their consumers (Cheng Web).
Samsung is committed to meeting an end-goal with fixed time and resources. They want to ensure that they understand how customer behavior evolves and immediately react to the customers’ possible demands. Samsung is positive that the idea of investing in software and services will promote their sales and make them maintain their top position in the industry. The company’s move is very practical because most consumers will go for hardware integrated with software.
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