Management in the movie 3 idiots

When I first heard this movie, I said in my mind, what would this movie about and would it be nice to watch or it is going to be another boring movie. But when I started watching this movie is was impressed but it is a very nice movie and you can pick lessons from it which made it even better to watch. The movie is about 3 college student who met each other at the Imperial College of Engineering and became friends. They have done a lot of crazy, naughty and also good things to other people to make them happier.

It inspires us a lot of things abouteducation, morality, technology, self-motivation, andfriendship. They try to achieve theirgoalsdespite coming from poor families. One of the best scenes in the movie is when the three men helped a baby birth. At that time, there was a big rain, black out and traffic jam. With limited equipment, eventually the baby was born. A combination among moral message, technology, self-motivation, silliness and friendship can be seen in this part. And from that part of the movie we can relate it to Management for they share the same qualities.

Some of these qualities are: •Planning They planned what to do to get the power back to help the pregnant woman who was in the point of passing out. •Decision Making The three friends were asked to leave the school immediately for they did something wrong. On their way out, they saw a car parked and saw the Dean’s daughter about to conceive a baby and decided to help her for she was in terrible pain. •Organizing They have managed to organize a place that would be suitable for the pregnant woman and for the baby she is about to conceive. Staffing They have called everyone in the university to help the pregnant woman to contribute with whatever they have to help with the power. •Communicating Ifcommunicationdies, everything dies. Each word has impact and value in communication. This was the most important because through this, they have made everything work fine, they managed to bring back the power and through this, they have made their connection and got knowledge on how to operate a pregnant woman in conceiving a baby. •Motivating

They were motivating each other that they can do what is needed to be down right. The word “ All is Well” was their way of saying that you can do it and when the baby was out of his mother’s womb, it was not breathing and that was their point of disappointment but when someone said “ All is Well”, the baby started kicking and crying. •Leading One was leading others in what they could bring and do to help. •Controlling They were in control of everything that was happening from the place, to the electricity, and to the operation.