Many created the iphone… but of course he

Many people have that one dream…that dream is to fulfill their life with things they can only imagine.

.. Many people have dreams like making or winning money.  But when people imagine they can go beyond what their limit can reach them too…

I do to… some days when I go to bed I think of what I can do to reach that goal.  When we do… we make our futures brighter.  The award of a dream coming true is… and what will be a joyous outbreak.  Now,  all of us are gathered here today to listen to my speech.  Most of us will memorize this speech.  But I as well as anyone in this world can dream any dream they want.  Like for example Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs created the Iphone… But of course he took time and pride into making a new phone.  Well, you as well could have done the same idea if not even better.

But, if you wanted to pursue that course then you would have to go to college and pursue the course of what you have been wanting to think about in all your years of highschool.  I as well fell in the same boat I have always wanted to pursue my career for an IT-Web and Software Developer.  But… If we don’t pursue that career than you would be stuck trying to find.  Only 65. 9 percent of high school students go off to college.  I know it seems like a lot of people but in all actuality that isn’t a lot of people how do I know think of it like this..

. Ok so, we have 15 people in our classroom that’s about 9 people in our class that wants to go to college.  I’m pretty sure that most of our class wants to go to college.  People want to pursue dreams and make those dreams come true.  All that I would like to ask is… wouldn’t you want to have a better job/career.  Get paid more money an hour or every paycheck?  Well I know I would want to have more money especially to pay for a new like car or a house or something better than where I am at right now.

Everyday you always gotta inspire yourself with words of enthusiasm.  Like everyday (if you have me as a friend on facebook) I post quotes everyday to think of what could I possibly think about.  When you understand that you can fulfill college with the dream you want then you can realize that you have more gates that are open.