Market coverage strategy

The paper ” Market Coverage Strategy” is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. When it comes to market coverage, a manufacturer would have to look at various factors which are very useful in the success of the product. For convenience goods, the manufacturer may have to consider the fact that the customer has more options from which to choose and, therefore, if the product is not readily available, the customer will not go to the trouble of finding the product but will replace the product with other goods from the competitors. The consumer may even replace the product with its substitutes. In this regard, if the manufacturer does not have a strategy to make the product readily available everywhere, he will definitely lose most of the market (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). At the same time, the manufacturer wants to give consideration to other issues such as the cost of placing the product into the consumer’s hands. If the manufacturer realizes that he does not have the strategic advantage to be able to deliver the product in a certain area at a certain price which is competitive enough, he may have to forego the market.  For experience goods, the manufacturer will have a different rationale when designing the supply chain and the distribution strategy. Experience goods are not goods that customers use every day and this means that maximum coverage is not important. At the same time, the customers want to be guaranteed they are getting the best value for their money. With regard to experience goods, the customer is not necessarily looking for a convenient way to access the good, he or she is looking for the assurance that the good he is looking for is of the right quality. Manufacturers of experience goods, therefore, may not seek to maximize the distribution points, but to maximize the public opinion on the product. The demand for the experience goods is determined not by availability, but on the public, as well as, professional opinion on the product. Customers will be patient enough go all the way to a distant location to buy the product if the public, as well as, the professional opinion about the product is good. In this regard, they will not seek to maximize the distribution channels but will seek to maximize the public, as well as, the professional opinion of the product.
For an electronic product costing about three hundred dollars, the main issue is not available, but the opinion about the product. The demand for the product will not be driven by how available the product is, but how the public, as well as, professional reviews of the product is. This kind of product is an experience good and the customer will be seeking to get the best, and, therefore, beyond so much in how the other users are rating the product. As a result, the most crucial thing is not to make the product available everywhere, but to guarantee positive reviews by users and professionals. However, it will be necessary to make sure that the product is available in strategic positions so that even if it is not available in the grassroots locations, it will be available in most regional locations where people from a soporific region can access the product.