Marketing study of casinos assignment

They dad it absolutely clear what demographics they wanted to see inside of their casino. They changed signs inside the casino so Latino patrons could easily understand them. They brought In Spanish speaking dealers, entertainment and even made their most popular drink offer on the floor to be top-shelf tequila. Basically, the casino created an unseen logo that flashed we serve Latino first. By creating the Latino casino brand, they were able to create a relationship where the patrons saw the casino as a second home… A place where they could be comfortable, Additionally, the casino used the power of positioning.

They raised the perception of Latino patrons in a good way by giving them the red carpet treatment. If a patron spent $1000 in the casino, the staff treating them the same way the Lass Vegas casinos would treat their “ whale” spenders. By using the power of positioning the Latino community felt as If they were respected and belong to a loyal company. More importantly, their money no matter how little they spent was appreciated by the casino. Finally, and probably the most important principle used by the casino was segmentation.

The casinos took the risk of basically ignoring all other demographics ND concentrated all of their efforts toward the Latino community. The casino understood the demography of what things Latino valued, what music they wanted to hear, the type of food they wanted to eat and the liquor Latino preferred to drink. By successfully segmented their target audience the casino was able to see their once dying business revived with more customers than ever before. 3. This analysis demonstrated the power of targeting your audience and making sure to meet the needs and desires of your target audience.

Many companies throughout the world SE the same tactics used by the casino. I like to use the Marine Corp. as example on how they target certain groups of people to Join their ranks. First off their slogan has always been “ The Few the Proud the Marines”. Right off the back they are letting the public know that they are an elite group of people and very few can Join their ranks. This type of advertisement would appeal to an individual who wants to feel as if they are a part of a special group. Secondly, most of the Marines commercials display young men In up top condition able to live In the wild and conquer almost any task… CE again appealing to a certain demographic of people who are young in shape and want to live a challenge adventurous lifestyle. The casino discussed used some of the same tactics as the Marines use to pull In their targeted customers. As Illustrated In the reading, the company advertised with countless signs In Spanish telling their customer to come play blackjack in their language. They brought Hispanic pop singers that the owners never heard of but knew he was popular in the decided to bring in conga drums… Once again relating to the Latino culture.