Michigan organizational assessment

This is a report on my personalleadershipbehavior assessed according to the Michigan Organizational Assessment structure. This assessment aims to determine whether the behaviors I displayed and personally exercised during the course of my leadership are behaviors that will shape me into an efficient leader. Using the four dimensions of leadership behaviors, this assessment aimed at identifying the specific areas to where I will be most effective and efficient as a leader.

With this therefore, this assessment would like to have a general view of my personal leadership style when I will be given the chance to lead a team and the strengths and weaknesses I personally have towards leadership behaviors. According to the Michigan Organizational Assessment chart, my score averaged at 6. 67 in the area of personal support, 6. 00 in goal emphasis and 7. 00 in work facilitation. My score n personal support suggests that I have a high likelihood of enhancing someone’s feelings of personal worth and importance through my leadership behaviors.

My score on goal emphasis suggests that I will most likely employ behaviors that will help the team members to achieve ourgoalsby encouraging or influencing them to work harder and aimed at excellent work performance for the benefit of the whole team. My score on work facilitation suggest that I will most likely be efficient in are the areas of scheduling, coordinating and planning. Task and social interdependence are required even in the modern organizational set up in order for the organization to effectively achieve their goals (Bowers, David G. and Stanley Seashore).

Stanley and Seashore also stressed that the need for social interdependence in a team is justified by the presence of people working in the organization who, aside from material and other needs, have important need for social interaction and thus social growth (Bowers and Stanley, p. 169). With this therefore, my score on the dimensions according to Michigan Organizational Assessment suggest that I need to concentrate on the areas where my leadership behavioral strengths will be most useful. ACTION PLAN Despite the positive results of this assessment, it is still important that growth in other areas be sought.

This is especially important to ensure that leadership flexibility is present. As presented in the action plan above, there are certain cases wherein negative changes in the organization will take place such as financial crisis. The question will be: “ how will my behavioral strengths in work support, goal emphasis and work facilitation become useful in this particular situation? ” The issue in this situation is financial, and thus entails a material need of the team members. In this case, my strength understanding their personal problems and helping them to deal with them may somehow ease their burden.

However, this may not ensure that they will be working at the same level of enthusiasm when the organization can no longer financially support them the usual way. REFERENCES Pierce, Jon L. , & Newstrom, John W. (2005). Leaders and Leadership Behaviors. 4th edition. McGraw-Hill. Boston. Pg. 163-167. Bowers, David G. and Stanley E. Seashore. “ Predicting Organizational Effectiveness with a Four-Factor Theory of Leadership. ” Reading 19. Abstracted from Pierce, Jon L. , & Newstrom, John W. (2005). Leaders and Leadership Behaviors. 4th edition. McGraw-Hill. Boston. Pg. 163-172.